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Majors, Minors, Health Professions

Collin Muniz wearing a chemistry t-shirt jumping on the beach

Collin Muniz double majored in physics and chemistry and spent his summer doing an internship at Lam Research Corporation before pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Southern California

Get ready for the future

With nine majors, eight minors, 45 options and concentrations, and outstanding pre-med advising, OSU's College of Science offers an exceptionally rich and diverse learning environment that will set you apart in your career and help you reach your goals.

If you are preparing for medical school, OSU's pre-med program provides extensive resources to support pre-health students throughout the journey, and this is reflected in the high success rate of our students who are admitted to medical schools.

Broaden your education

As a student in the College of Science, you also have access to another 98 minors in Oregon State University’s other colleges to help you diversify your education, pursue additional academic interests and increase your career options.

Preparing for careers in medicine and healthcare

A College of Science major at Oregon State University provides outstanding opportunities for students to prepare for a career in medicine and other health professions. Students can choose from an array of exciting majors in the sciences that cover the prerequisites for medical school.

Accelerated Master's Program

The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) is for motivated undergraduates in participating programs, who are keen on obtaining graduate credits and wish to enroll in a graduate master’s program while finishing their undergraduate degree. You save time and costs by completing your master’s degree after just one year of completing your bachelor’s degree.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs combine two or more academic disciplines and offer students ample opportunities to achieve their individual academic and professional goals. Science students at Oregon State have access to interdisciplinary, innovative and career-focused academic programs.