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Study Abroad

A global perspective that travels with you

Cliffs and oceanside on coastal range.

Did you know that more biology students study abroad than any other major at OSU?

Pursue science that transcends borders

By participating in study abroad programs, whether in research or internships, students immerse themselves in global communities and cultivate social and cultural skills in a professional environment. These experiences expand your thinking and help you develop an invaluable global perspective.

Our students study, research and intern around the world to pursue science that matters.

New places, new inspiration

Exposure to new people, places, cultures, ideas and customs can take you out of your comfort zone. Questioning previously held notions facilitates dialogue to explore new possibilities and avenues for the future.

A scientist's natural curiosity instills a strong sense of purpose and preparation for leadership positions. Asking 'why we are doing what we are doing' is a fundamental scientific question. Asking questions and going wherever your curiosity takes you is at the heart of science.