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Mathematics Major

Thinking about objects of complexity and beauty to solve the world's most critical problems

Mathematics Major

Thinking about objects of complexity and beauty to solve the world's most critical problems

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The mathematics major encompasses both theory and applications of mathematics. You will have the opportunity to study in a broad spectrum of fields ranging from areas in pure mathematics such as algebra, real analysis, topology, probability and geometry to applied mathematical areas such as mathematical software, computational models and methods, mathematical biology, statistics and actuarial mathematics. Many mathematics majors also major or minor in engineering or the physical, biological or social sciences. You can complete the standard degree path or choose one of four different options in applied and computational mathematics, mathematical biology, statistics and secondary teaching emphasis to gain specialization in your area of interest and achieve your career objectives.

Options in the mathematics major

This degree option is designed for those interested in applied mathematics, modeling, and computation, preparing students for jobs in government or industry labs.

In the Mathematical Biology option you will learn how to use mathematics to solve problems in the biological sciences. This specialization will equip you for jobs in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as research institutes.

If you are interested in preparing for a career teaching mathematics at the secondary level, you can add this transcript-visible option. This option is ideal for those students wishing to pursue either the double degree or master’s degree teaching licensure programs here at OSU, or to prepare for a licensure program at another institution.

This degree option is designed to allow you to focus on the study of the mathematical theory underlying statistics while simultaneously developing expertise in statistical applications. It will prepare you very well for careers in data analysis, banking, financial engineering or environmental sciences as well as for graduate study in statistics.

Sample courses

Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Complex Variables


Introduction to Differential Geometry

Computational Number Theory

Recent graduates: What are they up to

Actuaries at top insurance companies such as State Farm

Software engineer at Google

Doctoral students at Stanford University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University and others

Mathematics teachers

System and software managers for the U.S. Air Force

Baseball statistician with the Texas Rangers

Investment entrepreneurs

Jonathan Van Why in front of Kidder Hall
“An undergraduate degree in mathematics is a foundation to work on other stuff. You can either go to graduate school or you find another field that relies on mathematics and you get to be the math person on the team. It is so useful in so many fields.”
Johnathan Van Why (Mathematics ’16), Software Engineer at Google

Meet our students and alumni

Winning at baseball with math and statistics

<p>Math senior and baseball analytics expert Morgan Pearson was given job offers by two Major League Baseball teams—Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.</p>

The triple crown of science: Graduating with degrees in math, physics and nuclear engineering

Math, physics and nuclear engineering senior Jesse Rodriguez isn’t your average student by most measures.

Using mathematical biology to explore everything from ecological phenomenon to cancer cells

<p>Mathematics senior Rachel Sousa found her passion in mathematical biology, motivated to work harder and break barriers in the notoriously male-dominated field.</p>

Prestigious awards and research internships for math and physics students

Mathematics and physics undergraduate students win awards, participate in research internships in top national labs.

Math senior finds inspiration from women mathematicians at OSU

Inspired by her mathematics professors, Sara Tro is headed to the University of Colorado, Boulder, to pursue a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.

Next steps

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