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Biomedical Science

Advancing human and animal health

3D model of red blood cells

Biomedical science represents a major focus area of research around the world and at OSU in the College of Science. Biomedical research encompasses a wide variety of interdisciplinary efforts aimed at understanding the fundamentals of the physiological and molecular processes that underpin human health and that are involved in disease, as well as applied work aimed at developing and testing possible cures and other health interventions.

Our faculty and students across our seven departments along with many OSU interdisciplinary centers and institutes collaborate to deconstruct disease, probe the gut microbiome, engineer new genetic solutions, model smarter public health interventions and more.

Based on detailed statistical analysis of the scientific workforce in the United States by the National Science Foundation, the data suggests that biomedical science is a growing area, not just in our country but globally, with dramatic increases recently in countries such as China.

Our biomedical researchers are blazing a path of innovation

"Our goal of a healthier world relies on foundational discoveries that enable innovative therapies and revolutionize healthcare."

Elisar Barbar

Department Head, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Biomedical sciences opens the door to numerous career paths

Biomedical science research provides excellent training for jobs in the biotechnology sector as well as clinical labs. It prepares students well for graduate studies in a variety of fields and builds a solid foundation for pre-professional programs for doctors, dentists, physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, optometrists, podiatrists, and clinical laboratory scientists.

Interested in biomedical science?

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