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First-Year Experience

New student programs

Sitting on MU lawn

Where will your favorite place be to relax or study on campus?

Start with Science to discover, connect, engage and belong.

Navigating your first year at Oregon State is important for your personal, academic and social success not only at OSU but well beyond. In partnership with the university, the College of Science offers key programs — from START and Welcome Week to the Science Success Center, our student Peer Advisors and advising program — to help you develop your own academic plan.

You will learn about yourself and grow in ways you may not even imagine through undergraduate research, our cultural centers, First-Year Experience courses featuring topics to ensure a successful transition to academic work and college life, career development, internships, fieldwork, science student clubs and many more. Explore sample First-Year Experience courses where students investigate academic topics with their instructor as well as gain a deeper understanding of how to connect to OSU as they start to see all the possibilities of their undergraduate experience.

The First-Year Experience at OSU is designed to challenge and support you throughout your first year and to connect you to transformative, life-changing opportunities that will help define your future and help you excel at OSU and beyond. Create your own unique experience at OSU by attending College of Science events throughout your first year.

Study abroad. Leadership roles. Research opportunities. Community service. Student activities. Together with OSU, the College of Science offers programs, resources and events to provide you with the opportunities to make your education and undergraduate experience everything you want it to be.

Your first year will fly by.
From late-night eats to must-attend events, here is what our students said their must-do things were during their first year and before they graduate.

students sitting on Valley Library lawn

The Etihad Cultural Center on campus is home to a large population from central, southern and western Asia as well as northern Africa. Etihad means unity.

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Science: A welcoming place where everyone belongs

The College of Science strongly supports OSU’s commitment to diversity in all forms and is unwavering in its support of the university’s principles of inclusion, equity and diversity. We remain deeply committed to motivating and inspiring women, first-generation college students, underrepresented minority students and other diverse populations to pursue careers in science.

From differences, comes excellence.

OSU marine researchers out on the boat

Our marine researchers out there on the ocean.

Why Science is better at OSU

We pursue science that matters.

At Oregon State, we tackle the big ideas that keep us up late and get us bounding out of bed in the morning. We address society’s most pressing problems through a curiosity-driven approach. At the College of Science, we can help you find your passion and then pursue it with all you’ve got.

Gain the critical thinking, problem-solving and computational skills that are in-demand skills in the workplace—from genetics, medicine and chemistry to astrophysics, biotechnology, climate change or even environmental law.

What will you do to change the world?

Are you a transfer student?

Learn about our transfer experience.

What you need to know

Get to know us

Your introduction to Oregon State University begins as soon as you arrive on campus for orientation. You will be greeted with many opportunities to get better acquainted with Oregon State and the College of Science, our beautiful campus, your classmates, science faculty and staff and Corvallis.

The College of Science has built a support system to help first-year student transition into OSU. Your first stop begins with the College’s Science Success Center since new students are often still exploring their career options or considering a few different science majors.

Science students have many hands-on experiences and opportunities in the classroom and beyond in order to strengthen their academic, social, personal and professional development.

We are committed to inspiring the success of our all students during their first year in the College of Science. You will have access to tools and resources to set your own academic and career goals while also establishing a deep connection with the Oregon State community.