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Science Minors

Minors matter

female students working with microscopes in lab

Deepen your scientific acumen and training by adding one of our eight science and mathematics minors.

Go further with a minor

Higher education experts say a minor can diversify your education portfolio and help you stand out from the crowd. A minor allows an undergraduate student to specialize in an additional discipline outside their major, building a pathway to flexible careers and further education. A minor can either be unrelated to your major allowing you to explore more than one academic interest or it can complement your major program of study. For example, science students frequently choose a minor program within the College of Science that expands their scientific knowledge and skills.

Students with a strong interest in a subject outside their major are encouraged to explore a minor program. With eight minors in the College of Science that cover physical and natural sciences and mathematics, students can select a broad mix of core and upper-level elective courses to gain foundational and in-depth knowledge and skills in their chosen minor.

List of undergraduate science minors