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Student Life

Living a life of science

Students walking along SEC
Every student becomes part of the university's fabric when they participate in the campus community, sharing their talents and shaping their OSU experience.

Welcome to Team Science!

As you settle into life as an Oregon State student, you will discover that science is a special community on campus. The College is home to a vibrant community that seeks to create a space that everyone can call home, whether it's is an activity, club or a lab where you feel comfortable and respected.

With the beautiful Pacific Northwest as our playground, you can enjoy a great life balance—with listening to live music, practicing yoga, hitting the trails, biking, volunteering around town, doing fieldwork at the coast and much more.

You will also find many resources across campus to support your needs. The College has a Science Success Center in Kidder Hall that provides access to academic help, social activities, career resources, events, study breaks—even free coffee and a microwave. The Center offers support for first-year, transfer and international students in science. Our professional staff and Peer Advisors can help you navigate the many resources, centers and organizations at OSU.

Your first year will fly by.

Here is what our students said their Must-Do things were during their first year.

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At Oregon State, we believe personal well-being and academic success is rooted in healthy connections, both with people and organizations. With dozens of science clubs and more than 400 student organizations at OSU, you can find as many activities as you have time for. Options range from cultural organizations to clubs focused on environmental, health or social issues.

OSU students enjoy a vibrant campus life that is shaped by cultural performances, community events, science lectures as well as its 150-year tradition of excellence, collaboration and innovation. The university offers enriching student programs that foster leadership development, complement your classroom experience and build community and connections. By participating in a student organization, you can engage with others to build your community, grow and develop skills that enhance your education, all while having fun and creating a vibrant, unforgettable co-curricular experience.

Ready to begin your own journey?

Expand your mind in ways you never imagined

At OSU, being a student means more than going to class. It also means cultivating the skills you need to change the world. OSU’s seven cultural centers and programs on campus are just one of the ways that diversity is prized here. The cultural centers provide a safe environment and support services for students who share a common identity. They also serve as landmarks that welcome everyone to learn about and experience different cultures, identities and histories.

Get involved with science clubs

Science student clubs and organizations can open the doors to many opportunities to engage in meaningful ways that can help you develop into tomorrow’s scientists, leaders and active citizens of the world.

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Play Humans vs Zombies

It happens every fall and spring: a weeklong, 24/7 game of tag where teams of “humans” attempt to survive a "zombie outbreak.” Highly addictive.

Read the rules to survive

Finding life balance

The College of Science strives to promote a healthy student community, especially among first-year students who may be struggling to find their place on campus. OSU offers many resources to help build a healthy community for its students, including outreach programs for a variety of college health issues. Many of the programs target the most common concerns and interests facing college students.

Remember that you are not alone! There are many people who are here to help you.