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Student examining 3D printed metal structure
Physics undergraduate Ryan Tollefsen (left) examines samples of 3-D-printed metal structures during a tour of Nicholas X. Fang's lab, where he was an MIT Summer Scholar. Photo by Denis Paiste, MIT Materials Research Laboratory

Your career journey starts here.

The College of Science prepares students to tackle the tough problems and transform the world through discovery, hard work and innovation. We do this by fostering creativity, hands-on learning and out-of-the-box thinking and offering students experiences that challenge and inspire their thinking.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our students move from doing to reflecting on what happened and sharing their experiences with others. When you incorporate reflection and examination of the learning process into hands-on experiences, then it becomes an experience that set you on the course to a satisfying career.

With a science degree, the possibilities are endless. But it can be challenging to choose a career path before you understand what people in a specific profession do. To begin to gain an in-depth understanding of what it is like to work in a field, use a variety of resources and talk to as many people in your area of interest as possible.

The College of Science is a place of immense opportunity

Meet with a science career advisor to start on your future. The OSU Career Center can connect you with jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities that can put you on the path to achieve your career goals.

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A science degree gives you endless possibilities

Our science career development services prepare students to follow their passions, identify career interests, prepare for and pursue experiences that will lead them to a fulfilling career and achieve their life goals. We can help you figure what you want to do with your life in real terms, develop an action plan to achieve your goals and land a satisfying job.

Career development is an essential part of your day-to-day life as a student in the College of Science at Oregon State. In partnership with OSU's Career Development Center, we offer resources, guidance and professional training that will enhance your academic life, help you explore internships in your field of interest and pave the way to a fulfilling career upon graduation.

From freshman to senior year, we will help you get the career training and develop the professional skills you need to create a path forward to transition from college to the workplace or to graduate and professional schools.

Career Events

Log in to Handshake for our most comprehensive and up-to-date calendar of Career Development Center workshops, employer events job fairs, networking events and programs every term. These events are generally open to all OSU students, postdocs, alumni and staff.

Learning how to learn

We take a broad approach to science education and help our students learn how to learn by embarking on new experiences and developing the skills to follow their curiosity, explore the world and discover new ideas and ways of thinking.

Hands-on experiences take you outside the classroom and maybe outside your comfort zone. They foster confidence and independence, creativity, fresh thinking and expanded perspectives.

Our graduates pursue their passion

Follow your passion to your true north

Learn how to follow your passion through this innovative approach to career development helps you expand your experiences to help you determine what actually interests you. We want you to help you spend your time pursuing what matters most to you, observe passions that may emerge along your journey and then help you land on a satisfying career path.

Whatever your major, you will encounter hands-on, creative learning experiences that challenge you and prepare you to solve complex problems in real-world situations. College of Science students work in a supportive environment and come into contact with a wide range of perspectives. Through rigorous coursework, students participate in thought-provoking discussions while benefiting from out-of-the-classroom experiences that deepen their learning.