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Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

Pursuing fundamental research and transformative education for a better future


To advance science and build global leaders for a healthy people, living on a healthy planet, in a healthy economy.


Driven by unbridled curiosity, our students and scientists unlock how Life and the Universe work.

Together we will

  • ignite a passion for science in all learners,
  • thrive in a data rich world,
  • Improve human and ocean health,
  • develop sustainable materials to power our planet, and
  • move discoveries from the lab to people's lives.


Our people—our students, faculty, staff, alumni—and their successes.

Fundamental research for a better future.

Collaboration to solve the world’s problems and create opportunities.

Meaningful experiences that transform lives.

Outstanding teaching for engaging learners.

Diversity to build the best teams to do the best science.

An inclusive community.

Scientific literacy for all.

Annual Report

Our annual report for the College of Science reports on accomplishments and progress during a two-year period, FY 2019-21. This publication provides context about who we are, where we have been, what we have accomplished and current momentum to carry us into the future.