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Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

Extending the Reach and Impact of Science


We develop the next generation of leaders, mentors, educators and culture shapers to advance scientific discovery and science literacy for addressing local, regional and global challenges to provide solutions that improve the human condition.

We do this by:

  • Nurturing the next generation of science leaders, mentors and culture shapers by embedding equity, access and inclusion in all aspects of our work and investments in people and infrastructure.
  • Committing to support a diverse community dedicated to fundamental, use-inspired and transdisciplinary research with a focus on the pressing problems facing our local, regional and global communities.
  • Striving to provide high quality and innovative science education, delivered by an inclusive-minded group of educators, that is accessible and equitable for all learners.
  • Providing dedicated outreach and engagement to foster community relationships and promote science literacy, raising our collective influence in fulfillment of our land, sun, sea and space grant mission.


We are a diverse community of science leaders driven to collaborate, innovate and discover. Through scientific discovery and solutions, accessible and equitable education, and improved science literacy, we work to improve life for the people of Oregon and beyond.

  • Consistent with the university, inclusive academic excellence is our North Star. We are inclusive and equitable leaders in scientific discovery and curiosity-driven research. We are effective collaborators in use-inspired, transdisciplinary scientific research, scholarship and innovation for addressing society’s great challenges.
  • We harness our scientific research, training and outreach to produce an educated and critically thinking populace through the delivery of outstanding, accessible and equitable science education and literacy.


Members of the College of Science community are dedicated to advancing these core values:

  • Fostering a safe, open, equitable and inclusive environment in which to learn and work.
  • Promoting academic freedom through scientific discourse, freedom of expression, constructive criticism, and the use of objective evidence in reasoned arguments.
  • Advancing collaborative, impactful and transformative science and teaching that engages all College of Science learners.
  • Delivering transparent science communication to create an educated and prosperous society locally, nationally and internationally.

Annual Report

Our annual report for the College of Science reports on accomplishments and progress during a two-year period, FY 2019-21. This publication provides context about who we are, where we have been, what we have accomplished and current momentum to carry us into the future.