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Statistics Minor

Using data and mathematical analysis for decision making in government, business, natural and social sciences.

Statistics Minor

Using data and mathematical analysis for decision making in government, business, natural and social sciences.

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The undergraduate minor in statistics is an excellent addition for students in a wide variety of majors with interests in data science and data analysis. If you are pursuing a major degree in the natural or physical sciences, public health, forestry, engineering, finance or social sciences, the minor in statistics will be a highly useful addition to your academic preparation. The program is designed to broaden employment and career opportunities for students from a wide variety of majors.

Students in the statistics minor are required to take a total of 27 credits. You will gain a strong understanding of basic theoretical and applied principles of statistics that are needed to enter the job market, the ability to communicate key statistical concepts and proficiency in using statistical software for data analysis, that will enhance your education in any major program.

There is a very high demand across industry for graduates skilled in managing and analyzing data. Data Scientist has been named the best job in America for three years running, with a median base salary of $110,000 and a high number of job openings.

Students wishing to earn an undergraduate minor in statistics should contact advisor Juliann Moore (; 541-737-8643; Weniger Hall, 215).

Sample courses

Statistical Quality Control

Introduction to Statistical Methods

Introduction to Statistics for Engineers

Probability, Computing and Simulation in Statistics

Quantitative Ecology

Morgan Pearson in front of Kidder Hall
My statistics classes on methods of data analysis really prepared me for my job. If I didn’t have the experience with statistics, I would not have been able to do the projects the Rangers assigned to me."
Morgan Pearson (Mathematics ’18), statistician and analyst for the Texas Rangers.

Meet our students and alumni

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For Rachel Legard ('19), a mathematics and business double major, participation and involvement in student and campus organizations has always been a priority.

Alumnus highlights important role of statisticians in clinical trials

Alumnus Ben Lyons (Ph.D. ’97) has taken his passion for biostatistics far, carving out a successful career in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Market demands graduates with data analysis skills

Everyone from Google and Netflix to Walmart, Gap and the federal government are hiring people with statistical skills and expertise.