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Michael Schultheis painting of ocean shore made of mathematical imagery

Math on the canvas: Acclaimed artist explores mathematics as art

The inaugural ART:SCI Lecture, “Venn pirouettes: Changing the way the world sees math” by painter Michael Schultheis will be held October 24, 2018.

moon covering sun in a solar eclipse

An amazing moment in time: A year of planning for the solar eclipse pays off

Solar Eclipse 2017 was a stellar moment for the validity of astronomy, for science itself and for OSU astronomer Randall Milstein.

Bets Cole Evolution of a Superbug

Sparks fly between arts and science — and a giant petri dish

Catalyzed by OSU's yearlong arts+science event SPARK, a Harvard scientist purchases a stunning work by an Oregon artist who was in turn inspired by his experiment with bacteria on a giant petri dish.

Subramanian and Matisse in paint store

YInMn Blue now available to artists

Australian paint supply company Derivan has turned YInMn Blue into a color for artists, ensuring that the beauty and artistic merits of the new color pigment will be discovered and enjoyed by many.

Yinmn blue crayon

Hello, Bluetiful! There's a new YInMn blue-inspired crayon

Crayola announces the name of its new blue crayon that was inspired by chemist Mas Subramanian's YInMn blue pigment: It's Bluetiful.

Two women chatting with one another next to food table

Scenes from 2017 Spring Family Weekend

Enjoy these photos from a talent-filled 2017 Spring Family Weekend.

YInMn blue crayon with label

Pigment discovered by Oregon State chemist inspires a new Crayola crayon color

A blue pigment discovered at Oregon State University by chemistry professor Mas Subramanian is the inspiration for Crayola's new crayon color.

picture of yellow microbiomes

OSU Microbiome Initiative launches

Fueled by an urgency driving microbiome research nationally, the College of Science launches the OSU Microbiome Initiative this spring.

Data Visualization Exhibit in hallway

Data visualization exhibit spans six centuries

The College of Science and OSU Library present a new exhibit, “Beautiful Science, Useful Art,” exploring the evolution of graphics and data visualization through six centuries.

Ed Young giving lecture on stage

Science writer discusses microbiomes: I Contain Multitudes

Award-winning science writer and journalist Ed Yong presents inaugural public lecture of OSU Microbiome Initiative.

Color pigments in viles on lab table

The Colorful World of Pigments: Celebrating the blue that never fades

“The Colorful World of Pigments” celebrated the intersection of science, industry, art, color and culture spurred by OSU's YInMn blue pigment discovery with a celebrity panel of experts.

Petri dishes with micro-biome artwork

Microbiomes: Connecting Communities

The Microbiomes: Connecting Communities exhibit is open to the public until May 12, and displays artwork by students and faculty/staff shaped by collaborations between art and microbiology.