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Two women chatting with one another next to food table

Scenes from 2017 Spring Family Weekend

2017 Spring Family Weekend

Enjoy these photos from a talent-filled Spring Family Weekend May 5-6, 2017, in the Learning Innovation Center, co-hosted with the Honors College. More than 300 students and families enjoyed a light brunch and an art exhibit featuring works by both students and local artists followed a student talent show. Two dozen-plus students participated by sharing visual or performance art.

Throughout the weekend, 12 colloquia courses featured topics that examine the intersection of art and science, including courses included Evan Gottlieb's course Theory for a Warming Planet, Randy Milstein's course The Science of Art – The Art of Science, and David McIntyre's course Isaac Newton: Optics, Color, Gravity & Navigation.

These events were part of OSU's Spring Family Weekend, May 5, which attracted 400 students, staff, and families.We look forward to welcoming families to campus again next year!