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Scholarships for Current Students

Scholarships for Current Students

One application. More than 250 scholarships. Thousands of dollars of support.

Thanks to generous alumni and friends, the College is working to make a science education affordable to more students. You only need to submit one scholarship application to be considered for more than 250 scholarships in the College of Science. Awards are made based on specific guidelines for each scholarship. Note, the list below is not an exhaustive list of all possible scholarships.

Scholarships for Science Students

Jerry Raymond Alexander Scholarship

To deserving Oregon students who are not active in intercollegiate athletics. Established by a bequest from the estate of Jennie L. Williams.

Harriet R. Anderson Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students who have junior or senior standing in the College of Science. Established by Harriet Anderson to support students with financial need.

Fred & Mary Brauti Pre-Medical Scholarship

In support of College of Science students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Fred (’49) and Mary Brauti are generous supporters of numerous programs throughout Oregon State University.

Amy Chadburn Pre-Medical Scholarship

To outstanding pre-medical students with junior or senior standing. Established by Dr. Amy Chadburn (’79).

Bev and Dick Chadburn Scholarship

To support a pre-medical or pre-dental sophomore, junior or senior in the College. Established by Bev (’52) and Dick (’51) Chadburn.

College of Science First Year Opportunity Scholarship

To recruit and attract incoming science students to the College of Science.

College of Science Transfer Opportunity Scholarship

To recruit and attract incoming science transfer students to the College of Science.

G. V. Copson Scholarship

To a junior or senior who shows academic promise in the College of Science. Established by June Seeley Copson (OSU 1915), in memory of her husband, Godfrey V. Copson (OSU 1911), formerly head of the Department of Microbiology.

Paul Copson Memorial Scholarship

To a junior or senior in the Department of Mathematics or Physics, who has shown good character, promise in scholarship, and general scientific aptitude. Established in memory of Paul Copson by his mother, June Copson (OSU 1915).

John and Gretchen Morris Scholarship in Cell Biology

To a junior or senior in the College of Science with a demonstrated interest in cells, their function and their role in the development and life of organisms. Students demonstrating financial need will be considered. Preference is given first to students in Integrative Biology. Established by John and Gretchen Morris.

Corvallis Clinic J. Riley M.D. Health Occupations Science Scholarship

To a junior pursuing a health-related profession; must have at least a 3.25 GPA. Funded by The Corvallis Clinic in honor of Dr. James Riley, an OSU alumnus and one of the founders of The Corvallis Clinic.

Ray, Frances, and Dale Cripps Student Support

To students majoring in any life sciences or discipline with an aptitude for research and interest in human health. Established by Frances Cripps, a generous supporter of students in the College of Science.

Dawson Family Scholarship

Established by Dennis Dawson (’66) to play forward a scholarship received from a local business helping finance his college experience. Thank you!

The Dean’s Scholarship in College of Science

To benefit an exceptional student enrolled in the College of Science. Established by Karen and Kenneth Jones ('80).

Eskridge / Lindsay Family Scholarship

To provide scholarships for undergraduate students in the College of Science with demonstrated financial need.

“Doc” Gilfillan Scholarship

To a student showing financial need and majoring in the natural sciences, including pre-professional health and teaching programs. Francois “Doc” Gilfillan was Dean of the College of Science from 1938 to 1962 and played a key role in its early development. Established by one of his students, Dr. Anton Postl (’55).

Augustin & Rita Gombart Medical Scholarship

To support deserving junior or senior students in pre-medicine. Selection is based on scholarship and financial need. Established by Dr. Augustin Gombart and his wife, Rita.

Haberman Pre-medical Scholarship

To support an upcoming senior preparing for medical school with financial need. Established by Abigail Haberman (’84), who received scholarship awards while at OSU.

Jesse A Hanson General Science Scholarship

To College of Science students who show high scholarship, potential for success, unimpeachable character and service to the University. Jesse Hanson was an OSU professor of poultry science from 1911–66.

Milton Harris Science Scholarship

To undergraduate students in chemistry or biochemistry or related fields who show exceptional academic achievement and leadership, and demonstrate the potential for promising careers in science. Established by friends, former scholarship recipients, and family to honor the memory of Milton Harris (‘26), an eminent scientist, philanthropist, innovator, entrepreneur, and friend of OSU.

Mark and Vicki Hehnen Veterans Science Scholarship

To support science students who are veterans and provide financial support other than tuition. Established by Mark Hehnen (’78 Ph.D.).

Powis Lee & Winifred Carloss Heitmeyer Scholarship

To a science student with an outstanding love of learning. This award was established in memory of the Heitmeyers.

Carolyn Hennig Science Scholarship

Established by Carolyn Hennig (’63) to support students in the College with demonstrated financial need.

Clara Ann & Fred Horne Women in Science Scholarship

To outstanding sophomore or junior women in the College of Science. Established by faculty and friends to honor the Hornes’ support of women and minority faculty and students. Fred Horne was dean of the College of Science from 1986 to 1999. Clara Horne was Head Advisor in the College of Business.

K. V. Narayana Iyengar STEM Scholarship

To provide scholarships for students pursuing degrees in STEM from an underserved population and/or to help meet the College’s enrollment goals. Established by Badari Kommandur and Shobana Rajagopal to honor his father’s passion for education.

Kenneth R. Johnson Pre-Dental Society Scholarship

To a pre-dental student involved in the Pre-Dental Society at OSU. This scholarship commemorates Dr. Johnson’s long dentistry career in Corvallis and his ongoing involvement with OSU pre-dental students.

Leonardo Fund

To provide emergency aid to students in the College of Science accessing OSU’s Pride Center who may have experienced sudden, extreme circumstances or life events.

Lovell-Rivers Scholarship

Established by Patricia (’69) and William Rivers (’66) to provide scholarships for juniors and seniors in the College of Science.

Merrill Family Foundation Scholarships

To be used for undergraduate scholarships for students in the College of Science. Chuck (’63) and Kay Merrill, along with their daughter Lisa and son-in-law Lee Sickler (’90) have supported hundreds of Oregon State University students through the scholarship, established in 2004.

Michael J. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship

To outstanding pre-dental students. Established to honor Mike O’Brien, founder of O’Brien Dental Lab.

Pivotal Scholars Gap Fund

To provide additional resources to College of Science students who are participating in the OSU Bridge to Success program, with preference for students from De La Salle North Catholic High School.

Robert and Susan Poole Excellence in Health Scholarship

To recruit and retain exceptional students in the College of Science interested in careers in the health fields, especially medicine, pharmacy and physical therapy. The recipient should embrace academic achievement, as well as service to the community. Established by Robert (’67) and Susan Poole (’69).

George and Marthel Porter Pre-Medical Scholarship

To support a sophomore, junior or senior pre-medical student showing some financial need. Established by George (’53) and Marthel Porter.

Roy and Jan Presley Scholarship Endowment Fund in Environmental Sciences Scholarship

Established by Roy (’55) and Jan Presley (’54), the fund is to be used to support students studying environmental sciences.

Elizabeth Reeves Scholarship

To a sophomore or junior pursuing a degree in the Life Sciences demonstrating involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities and an aptitude for research. Established by Commander Elizabeth Reeves.

Rise Scholarship

To support College of Science students with disabilities. Established by Judy Faucett (’70).

Paul A. & Mary Ann Roberts Scholarship

To provide scholarships for students in the College of Science who have demonstrated financial need, with a preference for students beyond their first year of study.

Sally Runes-Hicks Scholarship

To an incoming College of Science student in chemistry, physics, microbiology or mathematics. Established by Gary Runes (’61) in recognition of his aunt, Sally Runes-Hicks, and her belief in the value of education.

Anne Runes-Wilson Science Scholarship

To a College of Science student chosen from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology or Mathematics. Established by Gary Runes (’61) in recognition of his aunt, Anne Runes-Wilson, and her belief in the value of education.

Science for All Fund

To increase access and retention for non-traditional students with high financial need in the College of Science.

Science Scholars Fund

To outstanding students in any science major. This fund is made possible through the generous support of many donors, including Doug Duncan (’78) and Marilyn Duncan (’64), Judy Faucett (’70), Robert(’68) and Judith Fisher, Greg (’79) and Nancy Serrurier and .Phillip K. Shugart (’68).

Gretchen S. Schuette Scholarship

For College of Science students who have demonstrated academic achievement, have transferred to OSU from an Oregon Community College and are dedicated to a career in science. Established by Gretchen Schuette (’80).

Skach Family Science Scholarship

Established by Bill (’79) and Milly Skach, the scholarship supports high-achieving students with demonstrated financial need.

Ryan D. Sparks Predental Scholarship

To outstanding pre-dental students who show promise of exceptional careers in dentistry. Dr. Ryan Sparks practices dentistry in Corvallis.

Judith Ann Smith Hill Memorial STEM Scholarship

To support a student in the College, with preference for women. Established by Ken and Judy Hill to celebrate their love of education.

Student Success Scholarship

To provide student or program support to increase the retention and graduation rates of students.

Michael and Tracey Waterman Scholarship

To provide support for College of Science students who are historically underserved, who are Oregon residents and have a GPA of at least 3.0. Established by Michael Waterman (’64), who holds the USC Associates Chair in Natural Sciences.

Wei Family Private Foundation Scholarship

To undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in science or mathematics and preferably who have lived in or are related to persons living in China. Established in honor of Dr. Chung Kwai Lui Wei (MS ’37, PhD ’41) and Mr. Hsin Hsu Wei, both of whom emigrated from China. Dr. Wei was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from Oregon State University.

Alumni Physician Scholarship

To support high-achieving students who are in their final year of their undergraduate studies and who intend to go on to medical school.

Ralph L. Bosworth Memorial Scholarship

To graduating pre-medical students who have been accepted for admission to an accredited medical school. Established in memory of Dr. Ralph Bosworth, a longtime friend of OSU and team physician for the Athletic Department.

Dora Krueger Memorial Scholarship in Pre-veterinary Medicine

To sophomores, juniors, or seniors in pre-veterinary medicine on the basis of character, scholarship, and need. From a bequest by Dora Krueger. (Apply through the OSU Department of Animal Sciences.)

Berge Chandler Scholarship

To provide support for science students majoring in biochemistry and biophysics. Established by Sonja Berge Chandler (’82, '90 PhD) and Peter Chandler.

Ray and Frances Cripps Biochemistry/Biophysics Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Established by Frances Cripps.

Kevin & Indira Champions of Undergrads

Established by friends of Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal to celebrate their retirements and honor their legacy at OSU to support undergraduate students in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, with priority given to support students who have demonstrated financial need.

Mary Hutchins Hohner Scholarship

To provide financial assistance to juniors or seniors in the Department of Biochemistry and with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Established by the Mary V. Hohner Trust.

Honoring Distinction in Biochemistry & Biophysics

To provide scholarships for undergraduate students in the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics.

Donald L. MacDonald Scholarship

To a junior or senior in biochemistry and biophysics who has demonstrated ability and has a desire for a career in science research. This scholarship was established by the children of Professor MacDonald to honor him upon his retirement from the department.

Karen Nickel Biochemistry/Biophysics Scholarship

To provide scholarship support for students in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Established by Dr. Karen Nickel (’61).

Woodstock Scholarship

To support an outstanding student in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Established by Carollee Woodstock (OSU '81).

Hach Undergraduate Chemistry Teacher Scholarship Program

To outstanding chemistry majors who have demonstrated high academic achievement and aspiration to make a contribution to the chemical and chemistry teaching profession.

Dorothy & Ramon Barnes Chemistry Scholarship

To support scholarships for students in Chemistry with financial need, with preference for women.

Peter B. Culter Scholarship

To juniors or seniors in the Department of Chemistry. Peter B. Culter (’59) was the first scientist to detect radiation over the United States from the Chernobyl reactor explosion. Established by Mr. Culter’s family to commemorate his life.

Carroll W. and Gerry A. DeKock Scholarship

To first- and second-year chemistry majors. Established by colleagues, friends and family in honor of Dr. Carroll DeKock, an emeritus professor and chair in the Department of Chemistry.

Larry & K’Sondra Fredrickson Chemistry Scholarship

To provide scholarships for Chemistry students.

Milton Harris Chemistry Scholarship

For chemistry majors who show exceptional scholastic achievement in chemistry, leadership, and demonstrate the potential for a promising career in science.

James D. Ingle Chemistry Scholarship

For a chemistry student going into their junior year, who has been a full time student at OSU the previous year. This scholarship was established by Dr. Ingle’s family and has received support from his former students.

Keith McKennon Chemistry Scholarship

To undergraduate students majoring in chemistry. This scholarship honors the memory of Keith McKennon.

Linda May Oleson Scholarship for Excellence

To a full-time senior majoring in chemistry with demonstrated potential for a successful career in chemistry. Established by her niece, Dr. Jennifer Shepherd (’93).

Jeff Fahey & Margaret Peterson Scholarship in Chemistry

To provide scholarships for students in Chemistry, with preference for students who are residents of Oregon.

Colleen Spurgeon Chemistry Scholarship

To an outstanding student in chemistry. Colleen Spurgeon (’84) created this scholarship to offer others the same opportunity she received at OSU.

JJ Stephenson Scholarship

Established by Jack (’60 PhD) and Char Stephenson (’59) to honor Jack’s father, the scholarship supports students in the Department of Chemistry with financial need.

John & Diane Howieson Scholarship in Zoology

To full-time students majoring in zoology who show promise as a scholar, scientist or teacher in the field of zoology. Established by Diane and John Howieson (’06 MS).

Bill & Martha Lovejoy Zoology Scholarship

Established by Bill Lovejoy (’68 PhD) to support students in Integrative Biology with demonstrated financial need.

Alex Riazance Scholarship

To high-achieving, full-time undergraduate students in zoology with an interest in terrestrial vertebrates or marine species. This scholarship was established by Valentina Gontscharow in memory of her late husband, Alex Riazance (’67).

Joel Davis Award

To support a high-achieving student in the Department of Mathematics.

Botond Gabor Eross Math Scholarship

To deserving students in the Department of Mathematics from the estate of Joan Eross, the mother of Botond Gabor Eross.

F. Gilbert & Gloria M. Swanson Fund for Actuarial Science

Established by Gloria Swanson to support students with an interest in the actuarial sciences.

Harry and Molly Goheen Memorial Scholarship

To a junior or senior majoring in mathematics or computer science who expresses the desire to work in the field of mathematics or computer science following graduation and who demonstrates financial need. Awarded in alternate years by the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Goheen was a professor in mathematics, and later in computer science from 1955 until his retirement in 1980. He served as faculty advisor to the Black Student Union and was active in the local chapter of the NAACP.

Charles John Pendleton Scholarship

To provide scholarships for students in Mathematics, Computer Science, & Engineering, with preference for women.

Edward H. Stockwell Mathematics Scholarship

To benefit an undergraduate mathematics major. Established by the family of Edward H. Stockwell in recognition of his interest in mathematics and mathematics education.

Thomas R & Martha S Aspitarte Microbiology Scholarship

To a deserving student in environmental microbiology. Established by family and friends in honor of T.R. Aspitarte (OSU, MS '53, Ph.D., '59).

Matthew A. Bacho Scholarship in Microbiology

Established by Matt Bacho (’92) to provide scholarships for microbiology students with demonstrated financial need.

Debbie S. Bellinghausen Microbiology Student Support Fund

To support deserving students enrolled in the Department of Microbiology. Selection to be based on scholarship and financial need. Established by Debbie Shigeno Bellinghausen (‘79 & ’84 MS).

Excellence In Microbiology Scholarship

Established by an anonymous donor to support students majoring in Microbiology.

Cohen-Wolf BioHealth Scholarship

To support biohealth sciences undergraduate students engaged in a course of study that enables them to pursue a career as a provider of care in the health fields. Established by biohealth advisor Ariella Wolf in 2017.

Paul R. Elliker Scholarship

To an outstanding junior or senior in microbiology.

Eleanor G. Ford Memorial Scholarship

To an outstanding junior majoring in microbiology demonstrating potential for a career in public health microbiology. The scholarship was endowed by the Public Health Microbiology Charitable Trust to honor Eleanor Ford’s (OSU '62) career in public health.

Helen Alford Hays Microbiology Scholarship

To an undergraduate microbiology student in good academic standing. Helen Hays (’56) was an undergraduate advisor and instructor in microbiology as well as having a long history of association with the Department of Microbiology.

Mark H. Middlekauf Scholarship

To outstanding junior or senior microbiology majors who are also performing undergraduate research projects.

Donald L & Barbara Gamberg Overholser Scholarship

To an outstanding junior student majoring in microbiology, to be chosen by the scholarship committee with recommendations from advisors, instructors, and faculty. Established by students, friends, and colleagues in honor of the Overholser’s retirement in 1992.

Joseph E. Simmons Memorial Scholarship

To worthy and promising students in microbiology. Established by the widow and friends of the late Professor Joseph E. Simmons, former head of the Department of Microbiology.

Kathryn Tinnesand Memorial Scholarship

Recipient shall be participating in undergraduate research and demonstrating promise and enthusiasm for research in science. Established in 2005 to commemorate the life of Kathryn Tinnesand (’04).

Hetherington Physics Scholarship

For junior and senior physics majors with demonstrated financial need. Established by Ann Hetherington and Dr. Bill Hetherington, emeritus professor of physics.

Kenneth S. Krane Scholarship

Preference will be given to junior or senior physics students who are full-time. Established by Paula D. Krane and Kenneth S. Krane, former chair of the Physics Department.

David B. Nicodemus Memorial Scholarship in Physics

To full-time undergraduate students in the Department of Physics. A successful physicist and Dean of the Faculty from 1966 until his retirement in 1986, Dr. Nicodemus was recognized for his inspiration and dedication to students and colleagues.

Physics Scholarship

Provides scholarships for undergraduate physics majors.

Scholarship numbers and amounts vary from year to year. For questions, please contact individual departments.

College of Science Equity Promise Emergency Grant

The College of Science Equity Promise Emergency Grants are available for students who may have experienced sudden, extreme circumstances or life events that may hold up their progress to continue or complete their degree at OSU. Some examples include: unexpected medical emergency and costs; financial holds prohibiting registration; expended all financial aid just before degree completion; parent or student loss of job or income available to pay tuition.