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Strategic Plan Implementation CORE Council

The horizon line of a planet.

In the academic year 2022–2023, the college will launch, plan and begin the implementation of this strategic plan to be carried out over 2022-2027. A college-wide strategic planning implementation committee, with representation from all seven departments and the dean’s office, will lead the implementation of this plan and develop a timeline for implementing, assessing and adapting as needed the actions and tactics in each of the four goals of this plan. In addition, the implementation committee will further develop metrics and key indicators of success to assess the impact of actions and tactics that are implemented.

Council members

  • Jessica Siegel (Co-Chair), Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Virginia Weis (Co-Chair), Acting Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Linda Bruslind, Senior Instructor II of Microbiology
  • Ben Dalziel, Associate Professor of Integrative Biology
  • Matt Graham, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Jesse Howe, Graduate Student, Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • David Ji, Professor of Chemistry
  • Kameron Kadooka (EAI Liaison), Director of Equity, Access & Inclusion
  • Phil McFadden, Associate Professor of Practice, Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • Citlali Nieves Lira, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry
  • Clay Petsche, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Lan Xue, Professor of Statistics
  • Tze-Yiu Yong (Project Manager), College of Science Project & Events Manager