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OSU procedures and deadlines for applying to medical school

OSU procedures and deadlines for applying to medical school

For admission in Fall 2021

All students must adhere to the OSU Procedures and Deadlines for applying to medical school for the current cycle (applying Summer 2020 for admission Fall 2021).

COVID-19 update

July 15, 2020 is the new deadline to open your premed file and to have all of your general letters in the Health Professions Portal. This is subject to flexibility depending on AMCAS/AACOMAS updates or other circumstances related to COVID-19 delays.

Deadlines for completing the MCAT and submitting applications may be flexible as the response to COVID-19 progresses. Please check websites of specific medical schools for particular due dates and other important information.

Students need a 500+ MCAT score completed (ideally by July) in order to be eligible for a committee letter. Students who miss this time frame to receive an MCAT score or have an MCAT score below 500, but who are otherwise considered to be a strong applicant (based on other factors such as experiences and GPA) from the perspective of the premedical committee may still request approval for a committee letter if they are scheduled to complete their MCAT in time for this application cycle.


October 16, 2019

MCAT registration opens for test dates in January to June


Attend the November Application Meeting (mid-November)

Review Getting ready to apply to medical school? to create student profile for collecting letters of recommendation, do a self-assessment to test your readiness and review the steps for opening your pre-med file.

Start planning for the MCAT.

Visit AAMC for MD schools and AACOM for DO schools

Get health care and community service experience over winter break. Read broadly!


MCAT review courses begin

January–June, 2020

Attend the more detailed Application Workshop(s) and Personal Statement Workshop.

Meet with pre-med committee coordinator (Maureen Leong-Kee or Cody Duncan) and your own Pre-medical Advisor to officially open your pre-medical file (deadline: June 7).

Begin asking for letters of recommendation (due June 21).

Research schools, review prerequisites, and work on personal statement.

January–September, 2020

MCAT administered. See the 2020 testing and scoring calendar. Please note that COVID-19 may affect testing schedules. Students taking MCAT in August or later should wait to apply the following year.


MCAT registration opens for test dates July to September 2020

Early May

AMCAS and AACOMAS applications open on web to begin filling out

May 31–mid June

AMCAS and AACOMAS applications can start to be submitted

June 7

Deadline to officially open your pre-med file.

Meet with your own Pre-medical Advisor first to check in about your application readiness. In the Health Profession Portal (PHHS students use a different system), complete the Student Profile for Letters of Evaluation, the Pre-Medical File Intake web form, create a tentative list of schools, make a list of activities, and have a draft of your personal statement.

You will then meet with a pre-med committee coordinator (Maureen Leong-Kee or Cody Duncan), and have these items ready for your meeting. Once you have the signatures on your required signature page (which you will get from your meeting with Maureen or Cody), then your pre-medical file is officially open.

Contact via email:

June 21

All regular letters of evaluation are due in the portal [some exceptions may be discussed with the premed committee coordinator(s)]


Submit your application

Sep 2020 to Apr 2021

Students interview, and receive offers of admission or rejection notices or, put on hold

April 30, 2021

Students will know if they have been accepted, rejected, or wait-listed, and after this date applicants may not hold more than one seat at a med school.

It is in the applicant's best interest to complete everything as early as possible. LATE = REJECT OR ALTERNATE!


Reapplicants must meet the same deadlines and complete the reapplicant information sheet found at the bottom of the pre-med application webpage.

PHHS students

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences has its own procedures.