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Gender Equity Committee

Working to improve access and inclusion in the College of Science

Gender Equity Committee

Working to improve access and inclusion in the College of Science

The Gender Equity (GE) Committee will include a Chairperson and six additional members, including three faculty or staff from different COS units, two COS graduate students (or one graduate student and one postdoc), and one additional OSU community member. The GE Committee chair is a member of the EAI Leadership Council to support optimal communication and coordination of efforts.

Committee charge

The GE Committee is charged with creatively and proactively determining evidence-based strategies to improve the sense of belonging and work status of women and LGBTQ+ community members. The GE Committee will support the EAI Director and EAI Council in gathering information and providing guidance regarding any and all issues related to improving outcomes for all COS members (students, staff and faculty) with marginalized genders or orientations.

Committee members

Gabs James (they/them)

Associate Director for Student Engagement, College of Science
Chair Gender Equity Committee

Sharon Betterton (she/her)

Senior Graphic Designer, College of Science

Fred DeAngelis (he/him)

Senior Instructor I, Physics

Carmen Harjoe (she/her)

Instructor, Integrative Biology

Virginia Lesser (she/her)

Professor, Statistics

Dillon Stetler (they/them)

Ph.D. student, Chemistry

Jenna Sullivan-Stack (she/her)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Integrative Biology

Committee responsibilities

Places in the 2021-2024 COS-DAP that specifically task the GE Committee with responsibility are the following:

Goal 1, Action 5 - track and report progress to the EAI Council

Goal 2, Action 3 - assess equity in scholarship opportunities

Goal 2, Action 4 - enhance student mentoring

Goal 3, Action 3 - understand and dismantle barriers, and provide and assess continuing education to combat gender-based harassment

Goal 5, Action 5 - host EAI-focused events including a “Dean’s Annual Lecture”

Committee minutes