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Equity Working Groups

An aerial shot of the OSU Corvallis campus on a sunny day.

The Equity Working Groups aim to improve educational experiences and outcomes for underrepresented students, faculty and staff. By working to advance the Diversity Action Plan's goals, the group endeavors to improve accountability and increase equity in tangible ways.

Equity, Access and Inclusion Leadership Council

The Leadership Council leads, facilitates and monitors the implementation of our Diversity Action Plan: Embedding Equity, Access and Inclusion in all units in the College and reports annually on progress to the college leadership.

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Equity Data Collection Committee

This subcommittee facilitates data collection to understand inclusion and access, achievement and equity gaps, attrition and other issues faced by minoritized faculty, students and staff, which informs the adaptive implementation of the Action Plan.

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Gender Equity Committee

This subcommittee of faculty, staff and students works on issues outlined in the Diversity Action Plan to improve outcomes for College of Science members with marginalized genders.

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