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Heather Masson-Forsythe with her sister, Margaux, at a waterfall
Graduate students

Dancing through genres, biochemistry/biophysics student wins Science Magazine’s Dance Your Ph.D. contest

Heather Masson-Forsythe, a fifth-year graduate student in the College of Science, is a winner in the 13th annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest organized by Science Magazine in the newly created COVID-19 category. "I think the arts in general are really, really valuable on their own but also to communicate science, and as someone who really loves dance, I think it’s one of the best ways to communicate," she said.

children painting succulent pots
Student Success

Helping science students cope with stress

Stress relief events at the College of Science help tackle a growing problem on campuses nationwide.

Nancy Scherich mid performance flipping with other dancers

Communicating math through aerial acrobatics

Mathematics alumna Nancy Scherich (M.S., ’13) has bridged the worlds of art and math to great acclaim.

Different shades of blue pigments laid out on white table
Materials Science

Japanese musician recreates YInMn blue to help the children of Fukushima

YInMn blue - aka Soma Blue - spreads a message of hope and transformation in the city of Soma affected by the devastating Fukushima nuclear meltdown after Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

star icon above image of student working on homework with calculator

Making mathematics cool at Da Vinci Days

Greek astronomy and pi at the 2018 Da Vinci Days Festival.

Scuba diver in reef

Film screening: Chasing Corals

Science faculty and students are hosting a screening of the movie Chasing Corals, followed by a panel of six OSU scientists specializing in coral reefs in hopes of educating people about what the future holds for these precious ecosystems and how to help.

Yinmn blue crayon

Hello, Bluetiful! There's a new YInMn blue-inspired crayon

Crayola announces the name of its new blue crayon that was inspired by chemist Mas Subramanian's YInMn blue pigment: It's Bluetiful.

Two women chatting with one another next to food table

Scenes from 2017 Spring Family Weekend

Enjoy these photos from a talent-filled 2017 Spring Family Weekend.

audience watching band playing music on stage

Da Vinci Days will feature fascinating talks on science, mathematics and arts

Corvallis's premier community event, 2017 Da Vinci Days will feature talks by Oregon State scientists and mathematicians, Benjamin Dalziel and Tom Dick.

YInMn blue crayon with label

Pigment discovered by Oregon State chemist inspires a new Crayola crayon color

A blue pigment discovered at Oregon State University by chemistry professor Mas Subramanian is the inspiration for Crayola's new crayon color.

Data Visualization Exhibit in hallway

Data visualization exhibit spans six centuries

The College of Science and OSU Library present a new exhibit, “Beautiful Science, Useful Art,” exploring the evolution of graphics and data visualization through six centuries.

Petri dishes with micro-biome artwork

Microbiomes: Connecting Communities

The Microbiomes: Connecting Communities exhibit is open to the public until May 12, and displays artwork by students and faculty/staff shaped by collaborations between art and microbiology.