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Science students with professor looking at experiment in lab

A summer doing research is a summer well spent

Undergraduate Research, Innovation and Creativity (URISC) awards

The College of Science congratulates these science students who received Undergraduate Research, Innovation and Creativity (URISC) awards to pursue research this summer. The OSU Office of Research funds URISC awards to enable students to pursue research guided by a faculty advisor during the summer.

The undergraduate experience is greatly enhanced by engaging in research early and often. Research helps students learn to balance collaborative and individual work. Undergraduate research also deepens critical thinking skills and improves academic performance.

2015 URISC Award Recipients

Biology major Amy Bortvedt - Impacts of Nanoencapsulation on Pesticide Toxicity, Stability and Persistence

Physics major Jeremy Rath - Incorporation of Xylindein in Optoelectronic Devices

Chemistry major Marshall Bend - Vinyl Sulfone Addition through Suzuki Cross Coupling

Chemistry major Cassandra Lew - Antibiotic and Anticancer Active Metabolites from Soil Bacteria