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Thomas Sharpton working in lab with student
Biomedical Science

Kindergartners’ behavior, socioeconomic risk linked to gut microbiome composition, function

A study of early school-aged children shows a connection between the bacteria in their gut and their behavior, and that parents play a key role in their kids’ microbiome beyond the food they provide.

hops on branch
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Hops compounds help with metabolic syndrome while reducing microbiome diversity

Results from the lab of biochemist Adrian Gombart show that each of the hops compounds decreased the amount and diversity of microbes and reduced inflammation leading to improved metabolism.

bacteria in pile of Petri dishes
Faculty and Staff

Research deepens understanding of gut bacteria’s connections to human health, disease

Microbiologists at Oregon State University have made an important advance in understanding the roles that gut bacteria play in human health.

Courtney Rae Armour with husband and dog riding mountain bikes atop grassy hill
Graduate students

Inaugural science fellowship supports research in the Sharpton Microbiome Lab

The College of Science congratulates Courtney Rae Armour, the first graduate student to receive the Larry W. Martin & Joyce B. O’Neill Endowed Fellowship.

David Koslicki standing in front of brick wall
Data Science

Tools used for metagenomic research under scrutiny

A recent critical assessment of software tools represents a key step toward taming the “Wild West” nature of the burgeoning field of metagenomics.

Bets Cole Evolution of a Superbug

Sparks fly between arts and science — and a giant petri dish

Catalyzed by OSU's yearlong arts+science event SPARK, a Harvard scientist purchases a stunning work by an Oregon artist who was in turn inspired by his experiment with bacteria on a giant petri dish.

coral at bottom floor of shallow ocean

The "Anna Karenina principle" of unhappy microbiomes

Oregon State microbiologists have suggested a new paradigm for the study of microbiomes—one that has key implications for medical care.

Ed Yong speaking to audience

Planning for the future of microbiome research

The Oregon State University Microbiome Initiative is offering a series of events including a training workshop, a research forum and a public lecture featuring an award-winning science writer.

picture of yellow microbiomes

OSU Microbiome Initiative launches

Fueled by an urgency driving microbiome research nationally, the College of Science launches the OSU Microbiome Initiative this spring.

Ed Young giving lecture on stage

Science writer discusses microbiomes: I Contain Multitudes

Award-winning science writer and journalist Ed Yong presents inaugural public lecture of OSU Microbiome Initiative.