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Sonia Grutzius working with Ryan Mehl in the lab.
Student Success

Oregon's top pre-med program meets the growing demand for doctors

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a surging interest in science and medicine, attracting a new generation of students to a career in medicine. Enrollment in the College of Science’s pre-med program at Oregon State University has also remained high, with numbers averaging 90-100 pre-med students annually since 2019.  

Steven Kurtz in a doctor coat and stethoscope
Alumni and Friends

Meet a Science Grad: Steven Kurtz

Meet Steven Kurtz, BioHealth Sciences alumnus who is studying to become a physician assistant and extreme sports enthusiast.

Melissa Lee standing outside Kidder Hall
Faculty and Staff

Enhancing transfer students’ success in science

The College welcomes Melissa Lee to a new position—Transfer Student and Recruitment Advisor—on its central advising team.

Michael Lopez writing on chalkboard

Not your typical mathematician: Marine, cop, dad, first generation college graduate

Senior Michael Lopez is not your typical mathematician: a former U.S. Marine who served three tours in Iraq, a former cop, a struggling student in high school and soon a Ph.D. student.

female STEM students setting up posters
Student Success

New, transfer students flourish in STEM leadership program

The OSU STEM Leaders Program, designed to increase the success of underrepresented students in STEM fields, offers promising results after three years.