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Photo of Kidder Hall's front door

Standing with our Asian community members

By Roy Haggerty, Dean

Today we are reminded again of our need and responsibility to uphold the values of diversity, racial justice and equity.

We join the College of Science community and people everywhere in grieving with the Asian American and broader Atlanta community over the appalling shootings that took the lives of eight people, six of whom were of Asian descent. These killings occurred amid an alarming rise nationwide in harassment and violence targeting people of Asian descent. I condemn this hatred, and I call for the violence and harassment to stop.

On behalf of the College, we wish to express our strong, unwavering support for Asian students, faculty and staff in our community and affirm everyone’s right to a safe and healthy university. Hate and bigotry have no place here. We will do everything in our power to stand against all forms of injustice and to make safety and wellbeing a priority.

As we stated last June after the murder of George Floyd, we all have an obligation to stand up against racism. When we see acts of bias and racism – intentional, unintentional or the result of systemic oppression and inequities – we must talk about them and call them out.

If you experience or witness bias against any group, we ask that you report this through the College of Science’s Reporting Form, or to OSU’s bias response team. Your feedback helps to create accountability in the College for intentional or unintentional bias or abuse because of the color of one’s skin or nationality, or on the basis of disability, gender, marital status, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Let us all stand with members of the Asian community and those facing discrimination, hate incidents, fear and intimidation. We must do everything in our power to make everyone’s safety a priority and to stand against all forms of injustice. Together, we will continue our work to ensure the College is a place where all people are welcome and our diversity is celebrated.

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