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Faculty excellence: Promotions and tenure 2020

By Cari Longman

The College of Science is proud to congratulate the following faculty for receiving promotions and /or tenure for the 2019-20 academic year. These faculty have achieved excellence in teaching, research and outreach. They have made an impact through scholarly accomplishments and their dedication to exceptional teaching.

I am very proud of our faculty who have received a promotion or tenure,” said Roy Haggerty, dean of the College of Science. “Their outstanding research, teaching, mentorship and service have enriched their fields and enhanced student success in the College and at OSU.”

Tremendous consideration goes into each promotion and tenure decision. The Provost’s Office, the College of Science Dean’s office, department heads, Promotion and Tenure Committee members, faculty, external reviewers, student evaluation committees, and individual faculty members all spend many hours preparing, processing and reviewing the documentation.

Special thanks to our College of Science Promotion and Tenure Committee for devoting a significant amount of time engaged in the intense review process.

Congratulations to the following science faculty:

Chemistry Department

Dr. Paula Weiss was promoted to Senior Instructor II of Chemistry. She currently teaches general chemistry, advises chemistry majors and serves as a mentor to chemistry education students. An advocate for improved STEM education, Weiss has been an Action Research Fellow through the ESTEME@OSU Project and is currently an Inclusive Excellence Fellow for the IE@OSU project.

Integrative Biology Department

Dr. Matt Orr was promoted to Associate Professor of Integrative Biology and granted indefinite tenure. He works at the OSU-Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon, and conducts research in topics spanning behavioral ecology, restoration ecology, and the application of restoration ecology to medicine. Being a scientific generalist has helped him to explore fields from a trans-disciplinary perspective and offer undergraduate students a wide array of research experiences that match their interests.

Dr. Kirsten Grorud-Colvert was promoted to Associate Professor, Senior Research. She is a marine ecologist who studies what happens when areas of the ocean are protected and how we can use that information to improve ocean conservation and management. She works at both the global and local levels, and her interests span research, policy, and outreach.

Dr. Stephanie Bollmann was promoted to Senior Faculty Research Assistant I in Integrative Biology. For the past five years, Bollman has worked in Michael Blouin’s lab in the Department of Integrative Biology, studying the genetic basis for resistance to Schistosoma mansoni in Biomphalaria glabrata, aquatic snails which are an obligate host for the human parasite which infects millions of people worldwide. She also studies the negative effects of current hatchery practices on the reproductive fitness of steelhead salmon.

Brittany Poirson was promoted to Senior Faculty Research Assistant I in the Menge–Lubchenco Laboratory. She studies the interactions of intertidal invertebrates and algae along the Oregon and California coasts and is involved with the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans, the Long Term Research in Environmental Biology and the Seastar Tragedy and Recovery Study projects.

Dr. Nathan Kirk was promoted to Senior Instructor I of Integrative Biology. Kirk is a molecular ecologist interested in coral symbioses ranging from mutualism (where both partners benefit) to parasitism. He is also keenly interested in the incorporation of educational best practices to increase equity and inclusion in the classroom. In 2019, Kirk received the Loyd Carter Undergraduate Teaching Award for his effective and inspirational approach to teaching undergraduate biology students.

Mathematics Department

Dr. Filix Maisch was promoted to Senior Instructor II of Mathematics. Maisch is a Peruvian-American from California who earned his doctorate in mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He loves to teach others about the beauty and elegance of mathematics.

Physics Department

Dr. Davide Lazzati was promoted to Professor of Physics. The Lazzati Group performs research in theoretical astrophysics and is currently focused on understanding the physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts and of Cosmic Dust.

Dr. Ethan Minot was promoted to Professor of Physics. He focuses on experimental physics, investigating applied physics questions related to nanoscale systems such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. This line of research impacts a range of industries, from solar energy harvesting to medical diagnostics.