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Picture of Professor Mas Subramanian with a Molecular Model of YInMn Blue

Mas Subramanian

University Distinguished Professor
Milton-Harris Professor of Materials Science
Department of Chemistry

Mas Subramanian

University Distinguished Professor
Milton-Harris Professor of Materials Science
Department of Chemistry


Our research efforts focus on designing new inorganic solid state functional materials for emerging applications in the fields of: electronics, including topological insulators, solid-state energy conversion and storage, superconductivity, magnetic materials, catalysis, durable high performance color pigments, efficient environmentally benign chemical synthesis processes (e.g. rapid synthesis of high-temperature materials using microwave radiation). We are particularly inspired by the challenges involved in developing design concepts for materials with conflicting or contraindicating properties, as seen in: thermoelectrics, multiferroics, high K dielectrics, negative thermal expansion materials. The team has a track record of making important and exciting scientific breakthroughs in materials chemistry. Discoveries have been given prominent coverage throughout the world in leading newspapers and magazines – including The New York Times, TIME, NPR, National Geographic Magazine, C&EN news, La Monde (France), Geo (Germany), Chemistry World (UK), and The Hindu (India).

Research Interests

  • Materials


Post-Doctoral Fellow (1982-84) Texas A&M University

Ph.D. (1981) Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

M.S. (1977) University of Madras, India

B.S. (1975) University of Madras, India


  • Li, J., Smith, A.E., Jiang, P., Stalick, J.K., Sleight, A.W., Subramanian, M.A. True composition and structure of hexagonal "YAlO3", actually Y3Al3O8CO3. Inorganic Chemistry, (2015) 54, 837-844.
  • Grajczyk, R., Subramanian, M. A. Structure-property relationships of YbFe2O4 -and Yb2Fe3O7 -type layered oxides: A bird's eye view. Progress in Solid State Chemistry, (2015) 43, 37-46.
  • Heo, J., Ravichandran, R., Laurita, G., Muir, S., Subramanian, M.A., Wager, J.F., Keszler, D.A. New multi-functional chalcogenides as photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials. American Chemical Society, Division of Energy & Fuels, (2014) 59, 579-580
  • Matar, S., Subramanian, M.A., Etourneau, J. Pressure induced metallization of fordite SnNb2O6 from first principles. Computational Materials Science, (2014) 26, 2047-2051.
  • Heo, J., Laurita, G., Muir, S., Subramanian, M.A., Keszler, D. A. Enhanced thermoelectric performance of synthetic tetrahedrites. Chemistry of Materials, (2014) 26, 2047-2051.
  • Laurita, G., Vielma, J., Berthelot, R., Winter, F., Pöttgen, R., Schneider, G., Subramanian, M. A. From Ag2Sb2O6 to Cd2Sb2O7: investigations on an anion-deficient to ideal pyrochlore solid solution. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2014) 210, 65–73.
  • Schmidt, W., Berthelot, R., Etienne, Laetitia., Wattiaux, A., Subramanian, M.A. Synthesis and characterization of O3-Na3LiFeSbO6: A new honeycomb ordered layered oxide. Materials Research Bulletin, (2014) 50, 292-296.
  • Laurita, G., Page, K., Sleight, A. W., Subramanian, M. A. Structural investigation of the substituted pyrochlore AgSbO3 through total scattering techniques. Inorganic Chemistry, (2013) 52, 11530-11537.
  • Grajczyk, R., Chan, A., Ramirez, A. P., Subramanian, M. A. Structural and magnetic investigation of In2Fe2-xGaxCuO7. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2013) 204, 213-218.
  • Jiang, P., Li, J., Ozarowski, A., Sleight, A. W., Subramanian, M. A. Intense Turquoise and green colors in Brownmillerite-type oxides based on Mn5+ in Ba2In2-xMnxO5+x. Inorganic Chemistry, (2013) 52, 1349-1357.


  • FA Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science (2013)
  • OSU Recipient of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Medal (2012)
  • Inducted into the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Hall of Fame (2011)
  • Chair of Excellence, CRISMAT, France (2006-2009)
  • Ralf Busch Materials Science Seminar Award, OSU (2007)
  • DuPont Charles Pedersen Medal Award for Excellence in Scientific Research (2004)