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Science Pro

It’s all about making career connections.

Science students sitting round table at Science Pro

Science students from all disciplines meet with professionals at Science Pro to learn and network

Every year, the College hosts Science Pro, an innovative career program to encourage students to explore career options, hone their professional skills and build, develop their professional networks by connecting with alumni, employers and industry.

Science Pro is a good first step in your career exploration. Whether your path is clear, or you’re wondering what’s OUT THERE, Science Pro is your chance to meet science professionals, explore careers and grow your professional community.

It is never too early to start planning for your career! Join us this year for our three evenings of career-building experiences to begin charting the path to your future, whatever that looks like for you.

This year we will having lunch and engaging with a remote panel of alumni and professionals.

Science Pro will be Tuesday, April 11

The benefits of Science Pro

What will I learn that I won't learn in my classes?

Classes are only part of your college experience. To maximize the return on your investment in college, you need to start making connections that can launch your career. Science Pro is the career trajectory push to help you land those internships and experiences you need and want.

Networking is an effective way to ensure that you have access to at least two career-related experiences before your senior year.

But networking seems intimidating.

You are already networking. Think about the number of people you have met since you began college, or the number of friends and acquaintances you already have. This is networking. Career networking is not so different from social networking. Showing up for conversations prepared to listen and ask questions is also networking. Science Pro professionals want to meet and talk with you. Don't miss this opportunity.

Science Pro for Graduate Students

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are welcome to join us for Science Pro. You can participate in a special engagement reception to deepen connections with our guests. Check back for our next available event and register to meet our community partners and employers. You might even discover your future job or meet a new research collaborator.

Science Pro for Community Partners

Participate in Science Pro as a Community Partner to grow your recruitment pipeline and enhance your efforts.