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Science Pro for Community Partners

Science Pro for Community Partners

You can help students build their professional network

Science Pro offers an opportunity for your company or organization to build connections with our talented students in the College of Science at Oregon State University. Meet and engage with our undergraduate and graduate students as well as our world-class science faculty. Highlight your organization and how our science students can pursue a career with your team.

As a Community Partner, you play an invaluable role in:

  • Developing the next generation of scientists
  • Offering advice to students about the breadth of emerging science career fields
  • Sharing insight into diverse career opportunities and pathways
  • Empowering students to be competitive in the current job market
  • Informing College of Science staff about workplace and hiring trends

We hope you will join us in January, to help us better prepare our science students for the 21st-century workplace.

For more information or to participate, contact Rachel Palmer at