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Transferring to OSU Science

Transferring to OSU Science

Getting credit for your transfer credits

Transferring from an Oregon community college?

Check out the Oregon Community College Transfer Guides to understand how courses at each community college translate to OSU requirements by specific majors.

Organic chemistry transfer info got you stumped?

Review our policies and get helpful advice for receiving upper-division course credit. If you are unsure of how chemistry courses will transfer or count toward degree requirements at OSU, contact us at

OSU's Degree Partnership Program

Enroll at OSU while still attending community college.

OSU’s Degree Partnership Program (DPP) allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State University while also being enrolled at any Oregon community college partner. One application can get you admitted to DPP and you can take advantage of what both schools have to offer. All undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor's degree are welcome to participate in DPP.