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paint tubes and palettes sitting on studio table

The many faces of microbiology

American Society of Microbiology's (ASM) Agar Art Competition

Microbiology students' agar art submission has made it into the top 50 entries of the American Society of Microbiology's (ASM) Agar Art Competition. Congratulations, Micro students.

There is an esteemed panel of judges, but also a People's Choice Award. Check out the creative bacterial art on the site and vote for your favorite at MSA's People's Choice Award!

All ASM members can participate in the annual agar art contest by simply submitting a piece of art using microbes as paint and agar as the canvas. Participants must also include a short description explaining what they created in a way that would engage a broad audience.

A multitude of Oregon State microbiology students prepared these beautiful agar plates displaying their individual artistic talents using microbes as their palette. Another example of science intersecting art.

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