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Voodoo doughnut face

Weird Science: Study Break + Fair + Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts Study Break and Science Fair

If you love chemistry, physics, math, statistics, biology, microbiology or biochemistry AND love doughnuts, then the College of Science Study Break and Science Fair was a perfect fit. The event was held June 5 from 11 am – 2 pm on the Valley Library Quad near Kidder Hall and attracted more than 600 students who flocked to see science and the pink Voodoo Doughnut truck.

The event celebrated the end of spring term and provided a great opportunity to talk science, play quirky science games and eat crazy doughnuts. Students played pin the oxygen on the hemoglobin, and the Periodic Table Relay and even made icosahedron ornaments.

The most sought after prize were buttons proclaiming “Science teaches me what I DO NUT know!” to promote pride in science.

The Weird Science study break featured more than eight different science clubs for students to talk and get helpful tips for final exams.

This event was jointly sponsored by the College of Science and its Science Student Advisory Committee in an effort to raise the visibility and the love for science at OSU.

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