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Data Science cuts across all science

The College of Science has developed a new statistics option for mathematics students

Rising alongside the technology wave of Big Data, data science— the extraction of useful knowledge from data—empowers students with a highly sought-after skill set. The plethora of new data types from web logs, mobile devices, sensors, instruments and transactions has ignited an explosion of data. IBM estimates that 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years.

With Big Data growing at breakneck speed, the market demand for people with the skills to extract, manage and analyze data continues to skyrocket. The College of Science has deepened its expertise in data science, hiring new faculty to advance research in mathematical, statistical and computational sciences while preparing the next generation of leaders in science.

With science becoming more collaborative, transdisciplinary and data-enabled, the College is well positioned to serve as the connector, with data science intersecting all disciplines. Bringing scientific areas together will create a rich environment for students to master the skills to identify patterns and trends that can advance science for a healthy people, planet and economy.

Data science options: Math + Statistics

The College of Science has developed a new statistics option for mathematics students, the only program of its kind among public universities in Oregon. The program was created in response to market demand for graduates with data analysis skills. The Department of Statistics is also launching a new online master degree and a certificate program in data analytics next year.

Read more online about Susan Dunham, the first mathematics major to graduate with the statistics option, snapped up by State Farm Insurance.

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