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Our Strengths in 2030

Students working with Rebecca Terry in her lab

Students work with Rebecca Terry in her paleoecology lab.

Excellence in research and innovation

The College of Science has a diverse portfolio of signature research, scholarship and innovation activities that will allow our College to make fundamental and applied discoveries. We will promote our entire scientific community, including the disciplines of integrative biology, biochemistry and biophysics, chemistry, mathematics, microbiology, physics and statistics.

To support society’s scientific challenges, we are invested in discovery-driven science, and applied and transdisciplinary research.

We will further expand our diverse research portfolio, which includes federally funded centers and scientific expertise in signature areas of:

  • BioHealth and biomedical sciences
  • Genomics and bioinformatics
  • Sustainable materials research
  • Climate, marine and coastal sciences
  • Quantitative, computational and data sciences
  • Science education research

Transformative science education and literacy

We will build on our innovative teaching methods to create a more inclusive community of learners through:

Delivery of foundational science education for all majors at OSU to increase science literacy and make science accessible to a diverse student body.

Specialized science education for all majors within the College to prepare them for careers in science.

Expansion of Ecampus curriculum and experiential learning opportunities to increase our global influence.

Research training to increase retention and inclusivity in the sciences and to prepare students to be competitive in the science and technology workforce.

Partnerships to support community, equity and engagement

The College of Science will partner locally, regionally and globally to promote community well-being, increase science literacy and remove inequities in access and inclusion to science. Our programs in outreach and engagement will be distinguished by our collaboration with:

Under-served communities and families

Future science learners and future College of Science students, via sustainable partnerships with STEM programs, K-12 teachers, community colleges around Oregon and minority-serving institutions everywhere

Business leaders, entrepreneurial partners and technology adopters – to expand the reach of our research and innovation

Universities and government agencies as partners on science initiatives having wide reach

The general public, with its unabated interest in the benefits and challenges of today’s rapidly advancing science