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Goal 1

Goal 1

To build a diverse and inclusive science community focused on excellence.

Group photo in outside courtyard

Photo of the 2015 Infinite Possibilities Conference by Hannah O’Leary


  1. Proactively recruit nationally and internationally and retain a diverse and productive community of faculty, staff and students.
  2. Enhance and equalize student success by improved mentoring, advising, and pedagogy that are based on data, technology and STEM education research.
  3. Cultivate graduates for career success in a global economy by developing translational skills to convert knowledge to application so it flows to communities and by creating high-impact experiences, such as internships, service learning, leadership training, research and international opportunities.
  4. Grow online education programs, including introductory courses; targeted degrees; platforms to bridge prior education achievements and entry requirements; and workshops and certificates.
  5. Enhance mentoring and career development programs for all faculty and staff by strengthening a culture of continuous improvement.


A focus on excellence defines our diverse community. This concentration drives our commitment to see everyone in our OneScience community succeed. The College will recruit individuals with varied backgrounds and life experiences to enhance diversity at all levels, contributing to an environment of equity and inclusion. Our dedication to teaching and mentoring provides pathways for all to thrive, not just survive.

We will be the place of choice for the best and brightest. The College will recruit high-achieving students and target international and transfer students through enhanced, personalized communication. We will develop high-impact experiences and deploy evidence-based instructional practices for students to hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We will augment opportunities for skills development that promote career success and expand access and transformative experiences by purposeful engagement with technology. The College will focus on student retention and graduation rates to achieve and exceed the success and equalization goals outlined in OSU’s Strategic Plan 3.0.

From the coast to the Cascades and beyond, Oregonians have a deep connection and passion for nature that we can share with the rest of the world. We will take the unique spirit, humility and creativity that are distinctly Oregon to the world. Through science, we will showcase what is great about our state and our people.

Ways we advance science

Infinite possibilities. We hosted the 2015 Infinite Possibilities Conference that celebrated successes of women of color in mathematical and statistical sciences. Attracting more than 175 diverse participants from 19 states and Mexico, the conference focused on educating and promoting careers of underrepresented minority women through mentoring and networking.

Better education through innovation. An NSF-funded Paradigms in Physics Program is a nationally recognized, innovative curriculum approach that teaches undergraduates to think like physicists and is regarded as a standard in physics education. ESTEME@OSU, another NSF-funded program, brings evidence-based instructional techniques into introductory science courses.

Science education for all learners. The College will leverage OSU’s national leadership in online learning and course development to develop online courses and programs. We will launch an online master’s degree in Data Analytics, an online Certificate in Data Analysis and several online math and science courses.

Excellence through diversity. Through the Provost’s Hiring Initiative, which supports student success and diversity, the College recruited six faculty with outstanding research records from diverse backgrounds who are committed to student success in 2015. Together with the College of Engineering and Student Affairs, the College is leading a $1.5 million Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grant.