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Leading scholars and researchers

Leading scholars and researchers

Meet College of Science faculty who have received prestigious awards and honors awarded by academic and professional societies and the university. Our award-winning faculty provides the foundation for our distinction as an international science research university.

National Academy of Science members

Election to the National Academy of Sciences is considered one of the highest professional honors among scientists, engineers, and health professionals.
Jane Lubchenco, Integrative Biology
Ken van Holde, Biochemistry and Biophysics

American Academy of Arts & Sciences fellows

The Academy of Arts & Sciences honors exceptionally accomplished individuals across a wide range of disciplines and engages them in advancing the public good.
Jane Lubchenco, Integrative Biology
Bruce Menge, Integrative Biology

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) fellows

Fellows are elected by the AAAS Council for their extraordinary achievements in the advancement of science.

Christopher Bayne, Integrative Biology
Andrew Blaustein, Integrative Biology
Michael Freitag, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Sally Hacker, Integrative biology
Andrew Karplus, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Walter Loveland, Chemistry
Jane Lubchenco, Integrative Biology
David Maddison, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Bob Mason, Integrative Biology
Christopher Mathews, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Bruce Menge, Integrative Biology
Malgo Peszynska, Mathematics
Vince Remcho, Chemistry
Bob Smythe, Statistics
Mas Subramanian, Chemistry
Virginia Weis, Integrative Biology

National Science Foundation CAREER Award

NSF's most prestigious awards in support of early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.

Elisar Barbar, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Paul Cheong, Chemistry
Jamie Cornelius, Integrative Biology
Chong Fang, Chemistry
Jeff Hazboun, Physics
David Ji, Chemistry
Davide Lazzati, Physics
Elise Lockwood, Mathematics
Marilyn Mackiewicz, Chemistry
Ethan Minot, Physics
Bo Sun, Physics
Andrew Thurber, Microbiology

Endowed science faculty

Endowed positions honor and support faculty who are nationally known as scholars, educators, researchers, and leaders in their fields. Through this collection, learn about these positions at Oregon State and meet the visionary donors who have created them.

Joe Beckman, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Margaret W. Terrill Linus Pauling Research Innovator Faculty Scholar

Anne Dunn, Microbiology
Dr. Russ and Dolores Gorman Faculty Scholar

Xiulei "David" Ji, Chemistry
Bert and Emelyn Christensen Professor

Kimberly Halsey, Microbiology
Excellence in Microbiology Faculty Scholar

Jonathan Kujawa, Mathematics
Eileen and Norbert Hartmann Faculty Scholar

Jane Lubchenco, Integrative Biology
Wayne and Gladys Valley Chair in Marine Biology

David Maddison, Integrative Biology
Harold E. and Leona M. Rice Professorship in Systematic Entomology

Bruce Menge, Integrative Biology
Wayne and Gladys Valley Chair in Marine Biology

Malgorzata (Malgo) Peszynska, Mathematics
Joel Davis Endowed Faculty Scholar

Devon Quick, Integrative Biology
Whiteley Faculty Scholar

Chong Fang, Chemistry
Patricia Valian Reser Faculty Scholar

May Nyman, Chemistry
Terence Bradshaw Chemistry Professor

Mas Subramanian, Chemistry
Milton Harris Chair of Materials Science

Rebecca Vega Thurber, Microbiology
Emile F. Pernot Distinguished Professorship in Microbiology

KC Walsh, Physics
College of Science Faculty Scholar

University distinguished professors

The College of Science has 10 distinguished professors, OSU’s highest honor for faculty. The honor is awarded annually to recognize outstanding faculty who have achieved national and/or international stature as a result of their contributions to scholarship, creative activity, research, education and service, and whose work has been notably influential in their fields of specialization.

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Malgorzata Peszynska, Mathematics


Michael Freitag, Biochemistry and Biophysics


Mas Subramanian, Chemistry
Virginia Weis, Integrative Biology


Janet Tate, Physics


Andrew Karplus, Biochemistry and Biophysics


Joseph Beckman, Biochemistry and Biophysics


Andrew Blaustein, Integrative Biology
Stephen Giovannoni, Microbiology


Balz Frei, Biochemistry and Biophysics


Douglas A. Keszler, Chemistry


Bruce A. Menge, Integrative Biology


Arthur W. Sleight, Chemistry


Frank L. Moore, Department of Integrative Biology


William Sandine, Department of Microbiology


Jo-Ann Leong, Microbiology
Jane Lubchenco, Integrative Biology


James D. White, Chemistry


Christopher Mathews, Biochemistry & Biophysics


Donald J. Reed, Biochemistry & Biophysics


T. Darrah Thomas, Chemistry

Research and Innovation Seed (SciRIS) awards

The College of Science Research and Innovation Seed (SciRIS) Program funds projects based on collaborative research involving the College community and beyond. SciRIS awards seed funding for high impact collaborative proposals that build teams, pursue fundamental discoveries, and create societal impact.

College of Science recognition

The College of Science is full of dedicated researchers, instructors and mentors. Each year the college recognizes excellent teaching, advising and mentorship by celebrating several members in our College who have gone above and beyond to advance science and build global leaders.