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The Marine Biology degree with the most career opportunities

Here, you will earn a highly marketable biology degree with a focus on marine biology and ecology. You'll build a foundation in the life sciences, coupled with expertise in marine science, setting you up for a breadth of possibility beyond your undergraduate studies. Dive into coastal ecosystems at Hatfield Marine Science Center. Work alongside award-winning faculty. Enjoy cutting-edge labs.

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state and federal agencies call our Marine Science Center home


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most labs dedicated to undergraduate marine research in Oregon

What do you get as a biology major with a marine biology option?

Hands-on research opportunities embedded in coursework. The marine biology option includes biology course, BI-450 where you’ll experience a term or more in residence at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. There, you’ll have direct access to seawater systems, a research vessel and thriving food webs in the Pacific Ocean.

A diverse breadth of lab and field opportunities. You can discover what part of marine biology is most fulfilling to you with exposure to labs researching everything from phytoplankton to the ocean’s largest mammals.

Marketability. Our graduates can market a sweeping knowledge of biology and a fine-tuned specialization in marine life, entering the field as dynamic scientists with a competitive edge.

Small-school attention with large university resources. The Hatfield Marine Science Center program is cohort-based – these small groups get a high touch point with faculty and government/guest researchers who are leaders in their fields.

Internship and experiential opportunities for all. You’ll have access to curated study-abroad opportunities in ecology, marine biology and zoology for experiences beyond Oregon’s borders. If you’re looking to stick close by, opportunities abound at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Oregon Zoo.

Diverse career possibilities for our marine biology students

Students from our marine biology and ecology option have gone on to work at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) and other governmental agencies, in the nonprofit sector as change-agents for the world in conservation, to research at impactful facilities across the globe, including the Marine Biological Laboratory. Plus, marine education and mammal curation at zoos and aquariums around the world.

And if you discover other interests along the way, your flexible biology degree opens up countless careers — from human health to pharmacology to government policy.

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