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Winter 2018

150 Years of Science: Sea and Space Issue Issue

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Oregon Sea Grant was one of the nation’s first four Sea Grant colleges formed after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the NOAA Sea Grant program into law in 1966.

Fellow Beavers,

I am the new Dean of the College of Science at Oregon State University. I am excited to lead this group of extraordinary faculty and students to advance scientific discovery for our world and to teach science to the whole campus. Science is the best invention of the human mind, it is at the heart of OSU, and it is critical to the university’s mission and success.

I look forward to getting to know more of you as we connect at OSU events, personal meetings or even through email or by phone.

I want to thank Sastry Pantula, who stepped down after four years as dean to shift his focus back to statistical research and teaching in the Department of Statistics. I am grateful to him for being such a powerful advocate for science and a passionate champion for students and diversity. He is an excellent ambassador for science.

I am happy to be back among my colleagues in the College of Science. I was part of the faculty here for 15 years before moving to the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences faculty for seven years where I served as Interim Dean. Most recently, I served as OSU’s Associate Vice President of Research. I have been an earth scientist at OSU for the past 22 years.

To share some of my personal life, I grew up on a grain farm outside a rural town in Alberta, Canada, with five brothers. I fell in love with learning and science before I was 10 years old, and I was first in my family to go to college.

A thriving College of Science is paramount to OSU’s success. My initial priorities are to improve student success and generate highgrowth education opportunities that will create a solid financial base for the College. From that base, we will be able to continue to expand our scientific research and teaching in other areas.

I look forward to getting to know you as we create a strong future for the College of Science.

Roy Haggerty
Dean, College of Science


Transforming college algebra

Through a modernized pedagogy, mathematics instructors are pioneering ways to transform college algebra at Oregon State.


The significance of OSU's sea-, space-, sun- and land-grant designations

Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the country with Land-, Sea-, Space- and Sun-Grant designations.

Alumni and Friends

On the shoulders of giants

For OSU's 150th anniversary, we shine a light on the “giants” who once walked our halls and made science what it is today

Alumni and Friends

Physics alumnus involved in historic astrophysics discoveries

Physics alumnus Shane Larson is part of the LIGO team behind the revolutionary astronomy discovery of the merger of two neutron stars.


Oregon State Science: The many “firsts” in 150 years

The College of Science is proud to have pioneered many “firsts” in its 150-year history.


150 years of science for sea and space

Science at Oregon State University has been a trailblazer since OSU's designation as a land-grant college in 1868.


An amazing moment in time: A year of planning for the solar eclipse pays off

Solar Eclipse 2017 was a stellar moment for the validity of astronomy, for science itself and for OSU astronomer Randall Milstein.

November 15, 2017
Alumni and Friends

Recognizing outstanding achievements: 2017 Alumni Awards

The College of Science is proud to announce its 2017 Alumni Award recipients.

Alumni and Friends

Paying it forward: Investing in students who embody service and leadership

The Merrill Family Foundation, the single most impactful scholarship source in the College of Science, receives its 2017 Distinguished Service Award.

Alumni and Friends

Breaking the stereotype of science graduates

Math alumna Suzanne McGrath will receive the College of Science's 2017 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award for her achievements and leadership.

Faculty and Staff

The whole package: A lifetime of science

Christopher Mathews, researcher, teacher, mentor, department chair, Distinguished Emeritus Professor and lifelong scientist, will receive the College's 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award in Science.

Alumni and Friends

Winning with love and determination

Dentists Luisa and Nathan Snyder, who graduated with degrees in biology in 2009, have received the College of Science 2017 Young Alumni Award.

Faculty and Staff

Recognizing faculty and staff excellence

The College of Science celebrated research, teaching and administrative excellence at its 2017 Fall Faculty and Staff Awards.

Marine Science

Summer "dead zone" threat rises on Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is now facing annual threats from hypoxia, or low oxygen, and scientists liken the phenomenon to wildfire season.

Student Success

Science students awarded second highest number of scholarships at OSU

Science students receive second highest number of scholarships at OSU totaling more than $7.5 million, more than triple the amount awarded in 2015.

Student Success

Science Success Center Open for Business

The College of Science hosts an Open House for its new Science Success Center, an inclusive resource center for students and faculty.

September 28, 2017

Hello, Bluetiful! There's a new YInMn blue-inspired crayon

Crayola announces the name of its new blue crayon that was inspired by chemist Mas Subramanian's YInMn blue pigment: It's Bluetiful.


Marine science student carries on Wei Family Foundation founder's love of travel

Half a world away in Australia, Milan Sengthep, a Wei Family Foundation Scholar, studied with world-renowned marine scientists at James Cook University.

Faculty and Staff

Mike Lerner to lead Chemistry Department

Michael Lerner has been selected as the new Head of the Department of Chemistry.


Research funding continues upward trajectory

Science faculty received $18.7 million in research grants and awards in FY17, the second highest year since FY2013 and a 54% increase from last year.

August 31, 2017
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Scientists develop new technique to understand and treat human deafness

Biochemists develop a novel method to overcome major challenges in the study of the otoferlin protein and its role in human deafness.


The "Anna Karenina principle" of unhappy microbiomes

Oregon State microbiologists have suggested a new paradigm for the study of microbiomes—one that has key implications for medical care.

Faculty and Staff

Welcoming a new dean of science

The College of Science welcomes its new dean Roy Haggerty, who recently served as Associate Vice President for Research at OSU.

Integrative Biology

Size matters, and so do temperature and habitat, to scavengers and the carcasses they eat

Carrion, the decaying flesh of dead animals, is a key nutrient for vertebrates worldwide but little is known about how the interplay works. Until now.

Integrative Biology

Ancient flowers discovered from 100-million-year-old tree

T-Rex bulling its way through a forest likely dislodged flowers 100 million years ago. Today those fossilized flowers have revealed a new species of tree.


Cooperate or cheat? For bacteria, depends on available food

Microbes that produce important secretions can suffer a blow to their own fitness for supplying non-producing “cheater” bacteria when certain nutrients are limited.


A summer of mathematical research

Ten students from institutions across the country have gathered for the prestigious Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program in Mathematics.


Students experience a summer of state-of-the-art data science research

Two new Research Experiences for Undergraduates in the field of statistics are training students in cutting-edge data analytics and computational skills essential to interdisciplinary research.

Faculty and Staff

Zoologist awarded Fulbright scholarship for biomedical research

Jaga Giebultowicz, professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, has been awarded a Fulbright research and teaching scholarship for 2017-2018.

Faculty and Staff

Science takes five top university honors

Five faculty, staff and students in the College of Science received OSU's most prestigious annual awards in teaching, advising and administrative service.


Diatoms have sex after all, and ammonium puts them in the mood

New research shows a species of diatom, a single-celled algae thought to be asexual, does reproduce sexually—a finding with important biotechnology implications.

Marine Science

Surveying seafloor animals for offshore renewable energy

Marine biologist Sarah Henkel's survey of sea floor animals is helping the development of offshore renewable energy facilities on the west coast.

Materials Science

Chemists invent new method to predict metals' reactions with water

The wide reach of corrosion, a multi-trillion-dollar global problem, may be narrowed considerably thanks to a better way to predict how metals react with water.

Integrative Biology

Biologist part of $14 million NSF program for improved genomic tools

Biologist Virginia Weis is one of eight researchers selected for a new $14 million NSF program for enabling discovery through genomic tools.


Two childhood friends share a love of science and now Goldwater awards

Two science students have received Goldwater Scholarships for 2017, the top undergraduate award in the country for sophomores and juniors in STEM fields.


Science students win Fulbright fellowships

Three science students and alumni have received prestigious Fulbright Awards for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Grad students snag top NSF fellowship

Three Ph.D. students in integrative biology and microbiology receive prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program fellowships for 2017.