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Spring 2017

The Climate Issue

IMPACT title peering over cloud covered earth
Today’s environmental challenges call for scientists to be advocates and to deeply engage with people to spur change.

As Dean of Science, my personal gratification comes from seeing members of our OneScience community thrive. Our faculty, students and alumni are attracting recognition for excellence in teaching, service and research. I am so proud of their successes.

A chemistry faculty was named 2017 Outstanding Educator in Science by the Oregon Academy of Science for extraordinary teaching achievements. Three mathematicians received national awards: for distinguished teaching by the Mathematical Association of America; for teaching and research in mathematics education by NSF; and for leadership in mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of oceanography and climate dynamics by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics/Geosciences.

Renowned marine scientist Jane Lubchenco received the Public Welfare Medal from the National Academy of Sciences, its highest honor. Jane has recently helped raise the visibility of science in the media, urging scientists and supporters of science not only to develop data- and science-based policies, but also to stand up and speak up for science.

I am proud of our faculty’s national and international recognition. Extraordinary scholars, teachers and mentors are just what we need to enhance the success of all our students.

Our College continues to develop new strategies to improve student success and equalization by closing gaps in degree completion for Pell-eligible, first-generation and underrepresented students. We are firmly behind President Ed Ray and OSU’s Student Success Initiative.

I hope you enjoy reading about our impact on climate change by informing policy, mitigating risk and sustaining resources. We must stand together for science and show its value and relevance to the world. Thank you for supporting science at OSU and beyond.

Sastry G. Pantula
Dean, College of Science


Warm oceans need cool science

Scientists at Oregon State are working hard to mitigate climate change through research and advocacy.


Informing Policy: Taking science to policymakers

Given the risks of climate change, scientists are moving beyond their traditional comfort zone and speaking out about the public value of their research.

Alumni and Friends

Climate change poses existential crisis for alumnus

Zoology Alumnus Greg Serrurier's perspective on climate change has shifted over the years and he is now considering how to make a greater impact.

Materials Science

Sustaining Resources

Materials scientists at Oregon State are working on new energy and environmental applications that will contribute to a healthy planet.


Statistician speaks at Women in Data Science event

Associate Professor of Statistics, Sarah Emerson presented a talk at the Corvallis Women in Data Science (WiDs) satellite event on February 3, 2017.

Data Science

Quantifying risk in a changing world

Scientists at OSU work with big data to tackle climate change on many fronts.


Mathematician earns career prize in geosciences

Mathematician Juan Restrepo receives the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Geosciences Career Prize.

Student Success

New, transfer students flourish in STEM leadership program

The OSU STEM Leaders Program, designed to increase the success of underrepresented students in STEM fields, offers promising results after three years.

Faculty and Staff

Chemist named top educator in Oregon

Chemistry instructor Richard Nafshun receives 2017 Outstanding Educator in Science and Mathematics in Higher Education Award by the Oregon Academy of Science.

Marine Science

Microbiologist pioneers research to protect coral ecosystems

Microbiologist Rebecca Vega Thurber has pioneered research aimed at protecting marine biodiversity with a special focus on highly endangered coral reefs.


Microbiology student contributes to groundbreaking research

Undergraduate Christina Moody was part of a research team that recently constructed a powerful molecule that can inhibit deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Faculty and Staff

Celebrating excellence in teaching and advising

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 College of Science Teaching and Advising Awards!


Gilfillan Lecture: The Garden of Eden Revisited

Robert Mason, a nationally recognized researcher on reproduction in garter snakes, presents 2017 F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Lecture April 3, 2017.

Biomedical Science

Toxic particles linked to higher lung cancer risk

A new way of looking at how pollutants travel has quadrupled the estimate of global lung cancer risk from a pollutant caused by combustion.

Faculty and Staff

From struggling math student to nationally recognized teacher

Mathematician Mary Beisiegel (BS ’96) receives national award for distinguished teaching from the Mathematical Association of America.


Mathematician receives NSF CAREER Award

Elise Lockwood, assistant professor of mathematics, receives a five-year $800K National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

Biomedical Science

Disease "superspreading" driving force in Ebola epidemic

A new study reveals nearly 3% of people infected with Ebola in the 2014-15 epidemic were "super spreaders," responsible for infecting 61% of all cases.

Integrative Biology

Amber reflections from the scientist who inspired Jurassic Park

George Poinar, Jr. has had a long and storied career studying strange creatures from 100 million years ago preserved in amber.

Biomedical Science

Curing human deafness with the help of zebrafish

Why do zebrafish have to do with understanding the causes and possible cures for human deafness?


Seeing the unseen: Where science and art converge

"Microbiomes: To See the Unseen" is a groundbreaking exhibit that brings art into one of the hottest areas of scientific research: the microbiome.

Marine Science

Environmental science in a post-truth world

Powerful, inspiring words for how scientists can inform policy and be relevant and credible in a post-truth era.

Faculty and Staff

New associate dean to lead student success in science

The College of Science welcomes environmental chemist Staci Simonich as Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, effective February 1, 2017.

Faculty and Staff

Marine ecologist receives top National Academy of Sciences honor

Marine scientist Jane Lubchenco receives the Public Welfare Medal from the National Academy of Sciences.


Chemists invent safer, cleaner technique for uranium extraction

The separation of uranium could potentially be done more safely and efficiently through a new technique developed by OSU chemists.


Microbiologists develop powerful weapon against drug-resistant bacteria

Microbiology researchers develop a molecule that neutralizes antibiotic-resistant germs ability to destroy the antibiotic, which is garnering worldwide attention and media coverage.

Faculty and Staff

Microbiologist recognized for lifetime achievement in Pacific salmon health

Head of the Microbiology Department Jerri Bartholomew recently received the American Fisheries Society S.F Snieszko Distinguished Service Award

Biochemistry & Biophysics

Mammal research on blood loss therapy leads to life-saving medical treatment for people

Associate Dean Matt Andrews' research on blood loss therapy at the University of Minnesota-Duluth is expanding the window for life-saving medical treatment.

Alumni and Friends

Recognizing excellence in science: 2016 Alumni Awards

The College of Science is proud to announce its 2016 Alumni Award recipients

Faculty and Staff

Ken Hedberg: A lifetime of science

Alumnus and professor emeritus of chemistry Ken Hedberg (’43) receives inaugural College of Science Lifetime Achievement Award after more than seven decades at OSU.