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Spring 2016

The Biohealth Web

IMPACT title behind silhouette of head with 3D cell illustrations

The web of biohealth science. Read about the College’s expertise in this growing field on page 6 of the magazine.

Spring term brings a flurry of activities from lectures, conferences and events to grant deadlines and other responsibilities that pull our attention. But it also offers a time for reflection on what we have accomplished as the academic year quickly winds down. It is important to keep in mind why what we do matters. Another group of global leaders in science will be graduating soon.

The convergence of science is having an extraordinary impact that is larger than the sum of its parts. This is especially true in biohealth sciences, which represents a strategic opportunity in our College and where our faculty are leaders in fundamental and translational research. In this issue, we highlight the growing importance of the quantitative sciences in biohealth sciences. I am excited to share the outstanding work of our faculty, students and alumni to fight disease and promote human health.

Our College is making an impact on the quality of people’s lives through drug discovery, drug delivery and fundamental research at the intersection of biohealth and quantitative sciences. I am proud of our faculty successes, which are enhancing global excellence across science. We are committed to accelerating discovery and advancing understanding of biohealth sciences for a healthy people.

Faculty success is intertwined with student success: it attracts the best students from across the nation and the world to OSU, it provides opportunities for students to have transformative experiences, and it brings students to the forefront of research.

Recently, we recognized excellence in teaching and advising at our winter awards ceremony that you can read about here or online. Our faculty and students continue to receive national and international recognition for excellence in science. Finally, our fledgling undergraduate program in biohealth sciences is growing.

I hope you enjoy reading about the successes of our OneScience community. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to science and to our College.

All the best,

Sastry G. Pantula
Dean, College of Science