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Bo Sun working in physics lab with student
Faculty and Staff

Scientists garner innovation awards for cancer and materials research

The Science Research and Innovation Seed awards were given to four multidisciplinary research teams working on cancer diagnostics and materials science.  

Kyriakos Stylianou standing in front of Gilbert Hall

New chemistry professor develops a way to curb CO2 emissions

Chemist Kyriakos Stylianou has developed new carbon capture materials to reduce emissions from anthropogenic sources.

Mas Subramanian standing in front of bookshelf

Materials chemist makes key design advance for future durable, vivid pigments

Materials chemist Mas Subramanian has paved the way toward designing more pigments that are stable, durable and non-toxic with vivid hues.

factory in front of sunset

Scrubbing carbon dioxide from smokestacks for cleaner industrial emissions

An international team co-led by chemist Kyriakos Stylianou has uncovered a better way to scrub carbon dioxide from smokestack emissions.

Group photo in front of Memorial Union

International chemistry conference brings more than 80 scientists from around the world to OSU

The Department of Chemistry hosts 6th International Frontiers in Metal Oxide Cluster Science Meeting, attracting attendees from around the world to OSU’s campus.

animated model of neuroblastoma cells

Oregon State Science, an innovation ecosystem

Scientific discovery at OSU is driven by big thinking, insatiable curiosity and out-of-the-box ideas that find a way into the economy.

male and female students looking over lab machinery

New diffractometer opens door to discovery

In its first week, Oregon State’s new diffractometer has already generated data for eight publishable articles in peer-reviewed science journals.

Radioactive waste bucket in concrete backdrop

Gilfillan Lecture: Scientific discoveries from the alphabet soup of nuclear waste

Renowned inorganic chemist May Nyman presents the 2019 Gilfillan Memorial Lecture, “Scientific Discoveries from the Alphabet Soup of Nuclear Waste.”

Mas Subramanian in front of Kidder Hall
Faculty and Staff

Chemist Mas Subramanian named 2019 Distinguished Professor

Materials chemist Mas Subramanian is named a 2019 University Distinguished Professor for his numerous discoveries of new compositions and their physical and chemical properties.

David Ji talking behind podium

Proton transport ‘highway’ may pave way to better high-power batteries

Chemist Xiulei (David) Ji and his team have found that a chemical mechanism first described more than two centuries ago can revolutionize energy storage.

2018 SACNAS attendees taking a group picture in hallway

From nuclear research to award-winning communicator: A young scientist does it all

Lauded for her exceptional research presentations, chemistry Ph.D. student Ana Arteaga has had an unconventional path to academic success.

Dr. Mas Subramanian analyzing blue pigment in chemistry lab

Chemist awarded Perkin medal for novel blue pigment discovery

Chemist Mas Subramanian will receive the Perkin Medal, named after British chemist William Henry Perkin, from the Society of Dyers and Colorists.