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Chantelle MacAdams next to the ocean on a rock

Fighting for a habitable future: Science scholarship enables zoology senior to prepare

A recipient of the SURE Science award, zoology senior Chantelle MacAdams' research confirmed the role small predators could play after the loss of a keystone species.

Red Fan Coral on shallow ocean floor
Marine Science

Marine scientists tout ocean protection progress, give road map for more

More progress is urgently needed to protect the ocean, OSU scientists reported at the Our Ocean Conference.

Juan Restrepo sitting on ledge in front of shrubbery

Mathematician elected Fellow of American Physical Society for advancing understanding of climate change

Mathematics Professor Juan Restrepo has been elected a 2019 Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Kristofer Bauer standing on rocks on ocean shore with research equipment
Integrative Biology

Probing the mysteries of barnacle settlement: Ecology fellowship supports student fieldwork

The Alexei Lubchenco Menge fellowship introduced in 2019 is opening new opportunities for biology and zoology students interested in ecology and field work.

school of Squirrel Fish swimming near seafloor
Marine Science

Ocean ecologist calls for action on ocean-related solutions to climate change

Ocean-based actions have greater potential to fill in gaps in climate change mitigation than previously appreciated, marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco explains in a paper published today in Science.

school of sweetlips swimming near ocean floor
Marine Science

Marine ecologists devise handbook to accelerate global ocean protection

Two new grants will assist marine scientists at Oregon State University to make significant progress in global ocean protection.

boat crane releasing research submarine into ocean
Alumni and Friends

2019 Young Alumni Awardee makes waves as marine ecologist and ocean storyteller

Biology and chemistry alumna Megan Cook receives 2019 Young Alumni Award, a tribute to her global career build spanning research, marine operations, media communication and ocean education.

Oregon coast sand dunes on beach during sunset
Marine Science

Recipe for a dune: Sand, wind, water, plants

Ecologist Sally Hacker helped lead a team of scientists who developed a mathematical model that predicts the evolution of the beach profile.

Sarah Henkel holding crab on ocean
Marine Science

The sounds of science: Acoustic tags reveal the journey of Dungeness Crabs

Marine ecologist Sarah Henkel glued acoustic tags onto 10 Dungeness crabs to learn more about their movements.

Tropical river in rainforest
Marine Science

Scientists lay out plan for managing rivers to be resilient to climate change

New strategies for river management are needed to maintain water supplies and avoid big crashes in populations of aquatic life.

Crustacean in front of white backdrop
Integrative Biology

Crustacean’s life in low-oxygen water suggests there’s more than one way to survive hypoxia

A crustacean’s ability to survive oxygen deprivation raises the possibility that animals may have more ways of dealing with low areas of oxygen than previously thought.