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SURE Science Program

Spend your summer doing research, and get paid for it.

SURE Science student researching with professor

Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, known as SURE Science, offers scholarship support so students gain a stimulating research experience that enhances their academic experience.

Take advantage of hundreds of summer research opportunities to work alongside faculty for an engaging, hands-on learning experience. All College of Science undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Past research work examples:

  • Biosensor research: developing a portable, at-home kidney test
  • Biophysics: manipulating highly focused laser beams using holographic optical tweezers to move microscopic objects
  • Marine studies: exploring dead zones in coastal marine waters to understand their impacts on ecosystems and people

The SURE application deadline is March 4

Who is eligible?

We welcome full-time undergraduate students, who are pursuing a bachelor's degree with a major in the College of Science, and who are in good academic standing to apply. Faculty mentors need to be affiliated with OSU, but need not be in the College of Science.

Please note that students graduating in June are not eligible to participate and students who received SURE Science funding in previous years are not eligible to receive it again.

Award Information

Recipients of the SURE Science award will be paid for 11 weeks of full-time research during the summer at $13/hr (maximum of 440 hours). Awardees also receive an additional $500 for research expenses to support their project.

Students can use award funds to support their scholarly research activities, including:

  • Consumable materials for project
  • Travel to conduct research, visit libraries/archives, or present their research
  • Library costs (e.g. duplication costs)
  • Equipment rental, software

Students work with their faculty mentors to determine their summer research schedule.

"I felt so lucky to have the SURE Science Award. It was a great opportunity that allowed me to pursue my passion and set the stage for my thesis project."

Mikayla Pivec '18,

BioHealth Sciences

Additional SURE Science requirements

  • If any SURE Science research appears in a publication, students are required to mention that the work was supported with College of Science SURE Science funds.
  • Students must attend three professional development workshops during the summer.
  • Students must write a thank you letter to the donors who funded the College’s SURE Science program.
  • Students must present a poster at a designated event.

Special opportunity for biology students

The College of Science SURE application also serves as the application for the Alexei Lubchenco Menge Fellowship for any biology or zoology major engaging in field-based research. Be sure to select the box for this fellowship on the application form.

Thanks to the generous philanthropic support of our alumni, friends and the community who support the Undergraduate Research Frontiers Fund and our SURE Science program, students can spend their summer doing scientific research and forge meaningful connections with faculty early in their academic careers.

SURE Science helps students:

  • Take on an active role in research
  • Build connections by working alongside extraordinary scientists and researchers
  • Experience a life-changing learning experience
  • Gain critical insights into the creation of knowledge that is often not part of classroom learning
  • Apply classroom learning in a hands-on, practical way

Make a difference this summer by applying what you’ve learned in the classroom. You can gain valuable insight into the creation of knowledge and develop a mentoring relationship with a professor. By actively participating in research, you can get the experience you need to prepare for medical or graduate school or to enhance your resume and qualifications.