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Science Clubs

Science Clubs

Get involved in campus life

Science student clubs and organizations can open the doors to many opportunities to engage in meaningful ways that can help you develop into tomorrow’s scientists, leaders and active citizens of the world.

Bioethics Society

The OSU Bioethics Society (OSUBS) is a student-led, student-initiated organization that provides both context and space to explore the growing ethical issues brought forth by discoveries in science, technology and medicine. OSUBS offers open discussion, investigation, research and analysis of biology, biotechnology, genetics, medicine, philosophy, politics, law, and other relevant topics. The organization also serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas that affect ethical decision-making. For more information, contact

Biophysics and Biochemistry

The Biochemistry Club hosts numerous activities throughout the year, including quarterly social events at a faculty member's house, a fall picnic, opportunities to meet visiting scientists, seminars and talks by OSU faculty, and many outreach activities.

BioHealth Sciences

Established in 2015, the BioHealth Sciences Club helps prepare BioHealth Science students for health profession careers after their undergraduate education. The Club offers engaging volunteer opportunities, coordinates training sessions and organizes exciting field trips that bring science to life outside the classroom. The BHS Club hosts many professional guest speakers, including dentists, doctors and nurses as well as graduate school admissions representatives and student success centers. The BHS Club even has its own space for students to socialize with like-minded people, benefit from peer academic support and connect with upper-class students who happily share their academic and out-of-the-classroom experiences as well as their wisdom with new students.


Our Chemistry Club is known as Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, or SAACS for short. The club is all about having fun with chemistry while gaining a greater understanding of science and exploring the mysteries of chemistry. If you are interested in chemistry, or just like blowing things up and lighting things on fire, then the Chemistry Club just might be what you are looking for. Learn more on the SAACS Facebook page or email

College of Science Student Advisory Board

The College of Science Student Advisory Board (or "COSSAB") is a student organization within the College of Science that provides support and advice on matters of interest to College of Science students. COSSAB will work to provide direct and effective communication between College of Science students, faculty, and clubs. COSSAB is a group of student leaders who have a strong voice and who are committed to making a difference at OSU and truly leave a legacy behind in the College of Science.

Hatfield Student Organization

The Hatfield Student Organization (HsO) is a resource for all students, graduate and undergraduate, who are associated with Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) or are a part of an HMSC lab.The group seeks to improve communication among students and faculty at HSMC and to enhance collaboration among students as well as to promote and endorse their work.

Health Professions

The Investigative Diagnosis Society is a student-run club in which students gather to review a mock medical case and then explore and ask questions to determine the diagnosis. You will learn about different diagnostic tools as well as different diseases that are featured. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Pre-Medical Society's mission is to promote and foster the pursuit of medical professions among students at OSU. The club gathers students interested in becoming physicians or other healthcare professionals from any major and provides them with the resources and skills to help them be successful in the medical-related school admissions process and beyond. Join their listservs by sending a blank email to (you must use your official OSU account for this). Then, reply with join. Or check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook page to stay informed and connect with others who are planning on pursuing a career in the medical field.

Minority Association for Premedical Students (MAPS) is a nationwide organization aimed to develop students that wish to pursue medicine. Open to any student who supports minority efforts. For more information, email

Pre-Dental Society offers a supportive network for students interested in a career in dentistry. Members can participate in a preceptorship program, which offers a fantastic opportunity to observe a practicing dentist at work firsthand. The club meets one time each term to network, plan and just have fun. They host a couple of speakers each term, such as practicing dentists, dental school admissions representatives, panels, etc. OSU has a strong record of success: in recent years nearly all applicants who completed OSU's Pre-Dental Program were admitted! In addition to an outstanding placement record, OSU has strong relationships with many dental schools. Learn how to join the Pre-Dental Society.

Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (Pre-SOMA) is the undergraduate division of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), a national organization of students who are pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree. Pre-SOMA is a way for pre-medical students to become a part of this community before being accepted to medical school. Students can also join to help them decide if osteopathic medicine is the path for them. For further information or to get involved with the club, please email or contact us on our Facebook page at

Pre-Pharmacy Society is an organization for OSU students in all majors who are interested in the field of pharmacy. Activities include monthly meetings, guest speakers, field trips, social activities, community service and other activities. Explore the field of pharmacy while having fun! For more information, join the Oregon State Pre-Pharmacy Society Facebook group or email them at

Integrative Biology

The Integrative Biology Club (IBC) provides students with opportunities to explore topics across the life sciences. IBC informs students about internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities by connecting them with guest speakers, graduate students, and faculty. IBC offers fun trips to explore the life sciences around us, such as trips to the aquarium in Newport, Hatfield, and various volunteer events. There are also opportunities to connect with other students during game and art nights. The club can be found on Instagram @integrativebioclub or Facebook @OSU Integrative Biology Club. For more information, contact

Ocean11 Marine Club is Oregon State University's marine club comprising students from all 11 colleges who work, play, explore, learn and serve together to experience and make a difference with our ocean and coasts.

Women in Marine Sciences is a group that seeks to unite women in graduate programs across interdisciplinary marine studies. For more information, follow them on Facebook or email them at

Bird Nerds is the student-run ornithological club at OSU. The club welcomes all undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and community members to come and "bird" with them while learning about the newest research and gaining useful skills along the way.

International Students of Oregon State University

The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) leads in creating a community that enhances and influences the student experience. ISOSU facilitates cross-cultural interaction and understanding by inviting many voices from around the world to be heard.


The Math Club provides opportunities for math enthusiasts to connect and explore their common interests in mathematics. The Math Club is mostly a student-run club, organizing math-related activities that are both fun and helpful throughout the year, including social events, game nights, Pi Day celebrations and study sessions.

If you want to become part of the Math Club, email the Math Club Officer at They would love to have you join the club and share their excitement about all things math-related!

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a collection of students who share a common interest in the advancement of women in mathematics. AWM hosts movie nights, pizza parties and recently organized Sonia Kovalevsky Day, an outreach event for local high- school and middle-school students. The young mathematicians participated in math competitions, workshops and lectures. To learn more about AWM, email current AWM officers at

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is a student club for those interested in applied mathematics and its applications in industry. The organization, advised by a faculty member, often hosts speakers from industry, holds tutorial sessions, and organizes social events. To learn more about SIAM, email current SIAM officers at

Actuarial Science Club (ASC) promotes awareness of the actuarial profession, which a discipline that comprises the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty. The risks can affect both sides of a business’ balance sheet and require asset management, liability management and valuation skills.

ASC Members gain insights into the actuarial preparatory track and learn about actuarial coursework and exams, and internship and job opportunities. The club invites speakers from the actuarial community to campus to talk to students about the various types of work they do, how they became an actuary and future trends they see in the profession. ASC meets two to three times per term. One of the meetings is a social gathering. If you are interested, email

Join the Big Math Network, a source of information to connect mathematical scientists with jobs in business, industry, government and academia.

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national, non-secret honor society that promotes and recognizes students’ scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences. To learn more about becoming a Pi Mu Epsilon member, email

Women in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (WINASc) is an organization dedicated for women mathematicians with research interests and activities in this area.


The Microbiology Student Association (MSA) organizes field trips and hosts research symposiums for undergraduate microbiology students. The club offers students a chance to engage in activities to expand their knowledge of the microbe world. MSA brings keynote speakers to campus to present their research/job experience. Student members of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) can benefit from research grants. MSA helps students become affiliated with ASM. Attending ASM conferences and events can enhance students’ undergraduate education and can even help define their future careers. MSA membership enhance students’ resume and strengthens their skills and knowledge of the field of microbiology.

Peer Advisors in the College of Science

The College of Science recruits students to become Peer Advisors. Our Peer Advisors are an integral part of the Science Success Center in the College. They are trained extensively on the services, programs, techniques and resources to best help students navigate campus services, registration, study abroad, internships, research opportunities, clubs and more. Peer Advisors offer assistance to students via phone and email and can meet with them one-on-one.

The College recruits more than 25 Peer Advisors every spring. You will learn valuable leadership, communications, organizational and planning skills. If you are a highly motivated, self-sufficient sophomore, junior or senior science major and want to share your passion for science and your enthusiasm for the College and OSU, consider applying winter term. Contact Gabrielle James for more information at


The Astronomy Club hosts events and programs to spread the love of astronomy through the OSU campus and the Corvallis community. We host fun night observations for our members to learn how to use telescopes to navigate the night sky, and we organize a variety of field trips and astronomy based talks. Besides our many social events, the Astronomy Club participates in astronomy outreach through our Astronomy Open Houses — our way of engaging everyone, from children to adults, in exploring how the Universe works and how astronomers study the Universe.

The Society of Physics Students helps connect students with other students interested in physics and publishes information about physics scholarships, internships, research opportunities, awards, conferences and many other useful information.

The Physicists for Inclusion in Science (PhIS pronounced “fizz”) was born out of the “Women in Physics” group. PhIS supports members of underrepresented groups as they pursue their careers in physics. The group meets several times a term for discussion and to organize events and activities.

Pre-Vet Medical Association

The OSU Pre-Veterinary Medical Association is one of the largest student organizations on campus. The purpose of our club is to further the knowledge and experience of Oregon State University (OSU) students who are interested in working within the field of veterinary medicine. Please contact us at for more information or to join our club.

Science Sororities and Fraternities

Alpha Chi Sigma - a co-ed fraternity for chemistry students

Alpha Chi Sigma is the only professional chemistry fraternity in the country with over 70,000 members who are pursuing chemistry-related careers. The OSU chapter connects chemistry students or anyone with a passion for chemistry! The fraternity also hosts resume workshops, group study sessions and other events. Linus Pauling was a member of Alpha Chi Sigma back in the 1940s. For more information, email

Sigma Delta Omega - a science sorority

Sigma Delta Omega is an original chapter, unique to Oregon State University, founded in 2006 by a biophysics and biochemistry student specifically for women interested in science. Sigma Delta Omega’s sisterhood comprises a diverse group of women from various walks of life, connected by a common love for science. The sorority is extremely active on campus and holds community outreach events on and off campus to raise awareness about science.

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

OSU's SACNAS Chapter is committed to enhancing the work of Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in science—and enhancing the public understanding of their contributions. The chapter cooperates with other organizations, clubs and groups whose purposes include the achievement of public understanding for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in the sciences. The chapter also helps to promote student recruitment and retention of these groups. Learn about their successes. Connect with OSU SACNAS on Facebook or online to learn how you can participate.

Women in Science

Women in Science provides support and resources for women in science at Oregon State University, particularly graduate students, research assistants and early-career faculty. Activities include meetings with featured speakers, networking, and workshops on topics relevant to women in science. We continually collaborate with other "Women In" groups on campus to promote diversity and inclusivity in science and other related topics. ​While our organization is called WOMEN in Science, we absolutely value and welcome membership and event attendance by all people. Please join us whether or not you identify as a woman.

People of Color Community

This student-run group is a space for students of color in the College of Science to build community and appreciate diverse cultures and experiences. Working with the dean and head advisor of the College, students of color have the opportunity to use their own experiences to provide feedback and make a change in the college regarding racial issues. Contact faculty coordinator Heather Arbuckle to get involved.

Wait. There's more!

If the above science clubs aren’t enough, check out the more than 300 OSU student clubs and organizations! Participating in a student organization can fuel your inspiration, foster your sense of self and increase your ability to make a difference in your community and in the world. You can also acquire valuable skills such as teamwork and collaboration while inspiring and respecting others. You can expand your social circle and you might even make some new friends. What have you got to lose?