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Community Service and Programs

Community Service and Programs

Science students teaching elementary school children

Our community is committed to making the world a better place, one act at a time. The College promotes and supports community engagement efforts throughout our science community through service learning and engaged scholarship across campus, Corvallis, Oregon and beyond.

We invite you to join in our many outreach activities to chart your own unique journey. You just may discover a great deal about yourself by giving to others through service. Through acts of service, we connect the classroom to the community for a healthy people and world.

Through community service and outreach you can gain a stronger sense of purpose and responsibility which can help you reach your academic, personal and professional goals. A science education certainly helps you grow intellectually, but connecting to a broader community, whether across the region, state, nation or world, you can develop your sense of identity.

Explore volunteer opportunities at OSU and feed your desire to give back to your community with your time, talent and energy! Or learn more about university-wide Community Engagement & Leadership.

Discovery Days

Sponsored by the Colleges of Science, Discovery Days strives to encourage elementary students to pursue STEM career fields and become the future generation of doctors, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists and other growing STEM careers. The program provides hands-on activities showcasing science, math and engineering. The volunteers are mostly Oregon State science and engineering students eager to pass along their love of science to young students.

Discovering the Scientist Within

Join the College of Science and others to introduce middle school girls to careers in science, technology and engineering and attracts more than 100 participants to the annual event. The Saturday workshop includes hands-on activities and the opportunity to meet successful women engineers, doctors, veterinarians, research scientists, and university professors.

Associated Women In Science, Engineering and Mathematics Club

The “AWSEM Club” is designed to nurture girls’ interest in STEM by connecting them with positive, women STEM role models and by introducing girls to STEM careers in which women are traditionally underrepresented. The program also seeks to change the stereotypical perception that scientists and engineers are male and to reinforce that STEM fields are accessible and open to everyone! Undergraduate women science and engineering majors are welcome to join and serve as mentors.

Saturday Academies

Our Saturday Academies are not just on Saturdays! The program is designed to engage all motivated young people from grades 2 through 12, including those from underrepresented communities, in hands-on, in-depth learning by connecting them to community experts as educators and mentors. All pre-college students can interact with experts and experience professional environments in ways that help them develop intellectually and prepare them for rewarding careers.

STEM Academy Camps

Week-long STEM Academy Camps, provide an excellent jumping off point for middle school students in grades 5-8 to delve into an in-depth study of Health Sciences, Lego Robotics, Marine Mammal Ecology and more.

Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE)

The Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE), a 30-year old program at OSU, provides a broad range of programs to help underrepresented students succeed in STEM degrees and careers. The program also provides professional development resources that create better teachers. The College of Science is a proud partner of SMILE.

SMILE clubs provide a supportive network in rural communities across Oregon, offering after-school precollege programs. These events are designed to engage students in grades 4-12 in STEM activities that incorporate art, design and communication and contribute to creative and innovative problem-solving. The weekly afterschool club meetings also serve as testing grounds for teachers to introduce, evaluate and adapt new activities for their classrooms.

Family Science and Engineering Nights

Family Science and Engineering Nights (FSENs) are held in local elementary schools within a 45-minute drive of Oregon State University. FSENs are offered on certain Thursday nights throughout the University term from 6:30PM - 8:00PM. Join our OSU faculty in bringing hands-on science and engineering activities for a fun family event!

Past event activities have included dry ice, liquid nitrogen, gel polymers, Segway scooters, rockets and chromatography.