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Our cohorts: Learning to communicate science together

Our cohorts: Learning to communicate science together

Our OMSI Science Communication cohorts attract a diverse group of scientists from universities, industry and STEM organizations across Oregon.

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"I am much more comfortable communicating my research and ideas to other people with various backgrounds"

Meet our recent cohorts:


Oregon State University

  • Makenzie Nord
  • Brittany Hupp
  • Risa Askerooth
  • Jun Cai
  • Zachary Perry
  • Alexandra Bacula
  • Cara Lawson
  • Jessica Creveling
  • Schmitty Thompson
  • Ryan Loughran
  • Chih-Ping Lee
  • Courtney Beringer
  • Wei Xi Boo
  • Val Chang
  • Parker Smith
  • Lindsay Carroll
  • Jillian Newmyer
  • Jason Ward
  • Somayeh Pasebani


OSU hosted a series of virtual workshops:

Core Workshops

In three core workshops, participants participated in learning situations while using tools of reflection that help build understanding of informal learning. This structural framework could then be built upon to approach communicating science with the public in various informal settings.

  1. Understand Informal Education
  2. Make My Research Meaningful
  3. Hone my Message

Topic Workshops

These workshops provided avenues to narrow the lessons learned from the core workshops towards a specific outcome. Topic workshops included activities and resources from cross-departmental OMSI staff.

  1. Controversial Subjects
  2. Virtual Science Demonstrations
  3. Science in Social Media


Oregon State University

  • Fatima Taha
  • Christine Tataru
  • Laurel Field
  • Claire Donahoo
  • Brittany Cunningham
  • Rebecca Mostow
  • Katherine Wampler
  • Hayley Park
  • Kayla Jara
  • Jenny Urbina
  • Regina O'Kelley
  • Brianna Rivera
  • Michael Sieler
  • Kirsten Steinke

Tualatin Hills Park and Rec

  • Hanna Dornhofer


Oregon State University

  • Christina Murphy
  • Nicholas Beaird
  • Lu Wang
  • Christina Mulch
  • Jennifer Bailey Guerrero
  • Hannah Rolston
  • Phylicia Cicilio
  • Kendra Sharp
  • Nicholas Bira
  • Chelsea Batavia
  • Amber Barnard
  • Branwen Purdy
  • Katherine Dziedzic
  • Valeri Lapacek
  • Aisha Mckee
  • Karla Jarecke

Words of wisdom from past fellows

Don’t take our word for it, hear from past OMSI Science Communication Program participants.

“The activities were so simple yet got the message across so effectively! Very mind-blowing, I will be thinking about this in the future.”

“I am much more comfortable communicating my research and ideas to other people with various backgrounds (e.g. scientists outside my field, my non-scientist (art major) mother, 5-year-olds at the museum). I feel ready for anyone who asks!”

“I feel more confident about communication approaches with complicated tasks.”

“The interactions that I have with small groups of people at the science museum are a perfect practice ground for the variety of conversations that I could have with decision makers. Many of the best practices apply equally well to a conversation with a decision maker.”

Learn more

Contact OMSI’s Director of Guest Engagement Andrew Haight ( to receive more information or to schedule an informational session for your group.