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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our values for embedding equity, access and inclusion

The College of Science values equitable pathways to success for ALL. We envision a collaborative and innovative community in which ALL students, faculty and staff have equitable opportunities to enable success in their endeavors at OSU. We envision shared governance through dialogue that is inclusive of all voices that aim to achieve inclusive excellence.

The College of Science values academic freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, constructive criticism, the use of evidence in reasoned arguments and free inquiry that seeks to understand objective reality. The college values diversity of thought and welcomes divergent views, including minority and unpopular viewpoints, on how to achieve inclusive excellence.

Our mission for embedding equity, access and inclusion

We will create a multi-faceted view of what success looks like ensuring all scientists or science educators have equitable access to succeed in science. We will work to dismantle systems of oppression and embed equity in everything we do. We will create a climate of trust, understanding and inclusion that allows for productive conflict while acknowledging inequities that exist.