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Diversity Action Plan Goals

The Plan outlines a set of five key strategic goals

Outside of Linus Pauling building.

Each goal contains specific actions to be implemented at different levels of the organization – individual, unit, college.

How to read what follows

We set out an ambitious agenda for embedding equity, access, and inclusion in all that we do in the College of Science. Recognizing that actions must be prioritized, we indicate those actions that will be taken first with a double asterisk **. We note that we will follow an adaptive implementation strategy in executing this DAP in which our prioritized actions marked by ** may adaptively evolve in an evidence-based approach. In what follows, “unit” refers to a department, center, or research facility in the college. In addition, for these purposes, the dean’s office is also a unit.

Goal 1: Embed, integrate and advance inclusive excellence within all aspects of the College of Science

Goal 2: Establish holistic, inclusive, and equitable hiring, recruitment, and retention practices

Goal 3: Create a welcoming college climate to support a sense of belonging, and equitable learning and training experiences.

Goal 4: Provide innovative, inclusive, accessible, and equitable access to learning and research experiences that incorporate global experiences.

Goal 5: Communicate accomplishments reflecting our commitments to inclusion and mutual respect of all members while enhancing visibility of minoritized communities.