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Tevian Dray in front of black backdrop

Tevian Dray

Department of Mathematics

Tevian Dray

Department of Mathematics



Professor Dray's research lies at the interface between mathematics and physics, using differential geometry to study general relativity, nonassociative algebra to describe particle physics, and studying student understanding of "middle-division" mathematics and physics content. Educated at MIT and Berkeley, he held postdoctoral positions in both mathematics and physics in Germany, the Netherlands, Princeton, England, and India prior to coming to OSU in 1988. Professor Dray is an award-winning teacher, and a Fellow of the American Physical Society.


PhD in Mathematics, UC Berkeley, 1981

BS in Mathematics, MIT, 1976


Past work has emphasized General Relativity, studying model spacetimes and their properties, as well as the interface between relativity and quantum physics. Current work investigates applications of the Octonions, the unique non-associative division algebra, to the physics of fundamental particles. Other past and present interests include Algebraic Computing, Asymptotic Structure, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space, and Signature Change.Work in Mathematics Education includes directing the Vector Calculus Bridge Project, co-directing the Paradigms in Physics Project, and designing course content for the Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute, as well as close collaboration with the Physics Education Group at OSU and membership in the ESTEME group of science educators at OSU.

Research Interests

  • Geometry
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics Education

Research Area

Data Science