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Paul Blakemore in front of black backdrop

Paul R. Blakemore

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

Paul R. Blakemore

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry



Ph.D.,Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK (1999).

B.Sc., Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK (1995);


Research within the Blakemore Research Group is focused on the development of new synthetic methods and concepts for the absolute control of molecular constitution and stereochemistry with an emphasis on connective stereospecific transformations.

Research Interests

  • Organic & Bioorganic

Research Area

Biomedical Science


  • "Synthesis, Properties, and Enantiomerization Behavior of Axially Chiral Phenolic Derivatives of 8-(Naphth-1-yl)quinoline and Comparison to 7,7´-Dihydroxy-8,8´-biquinolyl and 1,1´-Bi-2-naphthol," S. Banerjee, B. E. Riggs, L. N. Zakharov, P. R. Blakemore Synthesis 2015, 47, 4008-4016.
  • "Enantioselective Synthesis of alpha-Phenyl- and alpha-(Dimethylphenylsilyl)alkylboronic Esters by Ligand Mediated Stereoinductive Reagent-Controlled Homologation Using Configurationally Labile Carbenoids," A. L. Barsamian, Z. Wu, P. R. Blakemore Org. Biomol. Chem. 2015, 13, 3781-3786.
  • "Chain Extension of Boronic Esters with Lithiooxiranes Generated by Sulfoxide-Metal Exchange: Stereocontrolled Access to 2°/2°, 2°/3°, and 3°/3° Vicinal Diols and Related Compounds," E. Alwedi, L. N. Zakharov, P. R. Blakemore Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 6643-6648.o
  • "Investigation of Functionalized alpha-Chloroalkyllithiums for a Stereospecific Reagent-Controlled Homologation Approach to the Analgesic Alkaloid (–)-Epibatidine," C. R. Emerson, L. N. Zakharov, P. R. Blakemore Chem.—Eur. J. 2013, 16, 16342-16356.


  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship (2001-2004)