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Paul Murtaugh

Paul Murtaugh

Professor Emeritus
Department of Statistics

Paul Murtaugh

Professor Emeritus
Department of Statistics

Research Interests

Statistical ecology, biostatistics, and survival analysis


Introduction to Statistical Methods (ST 352)

Methods of Data Analysis (ST 411/511 and 412/512)

Design and Analysis of Planned Experiments (ST 415/515)

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (ST 421/521 and 422/522)

Quantitative Ecology (ST 435/535)

Statistical Methods (ST 551)

Generalized Regression Models II - Survival Analysis (ST 625)


University of Washington - Ph.D., Biostatistics (1989)

University of Washington - Ph.D., Zoology (1981)

Cornell University - B.A., Biological Sciences (1976)


  • (some of my favorites)
  • Murtaugh, P.A. 2014. In defense of P values. Ecology 95: 611-617. [pdf]
  • Murtaugh, P.A., and M.G. Schlax. 2009. Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals. Global Environmental Change 19: 14-20. [pdf]
  • Murtaugh, P.A. 2007. Simplicity and complexity in ecological data analysis. Ecology 88: 56-62. [pdf]
  • Laskowski, E.R., and P.A. Murtaugh. 1992. Snow skiing injuries in physically disabled skiers. The American Journal of Sports Medicine 20: 553-557. [pdf]
  • Murtaugh, P.A. 1981. Inferring properties of mysid predation from injuries to Daphnia. Limnology and Oceanography 26: 811-821. [pdf]
  • Full list