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Paul Murtaugh

Paul Murtaugh

Professor Emeritus
Department of Statistics

Paul Murtaugh

Professor Emeritus
Department of Statistics

Current Research Interests

Statistical ecology, biostatistics, and survival analysis.

Doctoral Student Dissertations

DeWayne Derryberry  (1998) -  Extensions of the Proportional Hazards Loglikelihood for Censored Survival Data

Quinn Payton  (2015) -  Modeling Density Dependence in the Presence of Measurement Error


ST 352 (Introduction to Statistical Methods)

ST 411/511 and 412/512 (Methods of Data Analysis)

ST 415/515 (Design and Analysis of Planned Experiments)

ST 421/521 and 422/522 (Introduction to Mathematical Statistics)

ST 435/535 (Quantitative Ecology)

ST 551 (Statistical Methods)

ST 625 (Generalized Regression Models II)

Other Interests

Kayaking, birding, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, cats.



University of Washington - Ph.D., Biostatistics (1989)

University of Washington - Ph.D., Zoology (1981)

Cornell University - B.A., Biological Sciences (1976)