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Katherine McLaughlin in front of white backdrop

Katherine McLaughlin

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics

Katherine McLaughlin

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics



Ph.D. Statistics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2016

B.A. Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, 2011


Research Interests

  • Saming Methods
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Network Sampling
  • Respondent-driven Sampling
  • Social Science Applications of Statistics

Research Area

Data Science


  • McLaughlin, K. R. and EmBree, J. D. (2018), "Empirical Assessment of Programs to Promote Collaboration: A Network Model Approach," The Annals of Applied Statistics, 12(1):654-682.
  • Johnston, L. G., McLaughlin, K. R., Rouhani, S. A., and Bartels, S. A. (2017), “Measuring a hidden population: A novel technique to estimate the population size of women with sexual violence related pregnancies in South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo,” Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health, 7(1):45-53
  • Johnston, L. G., McLaughlin, K. R., El Rhilani, H., Latifi, A., Toufik, A., Bennani, A., Alami, K., Elomari, B., and Handcock, M. S. (2015), “A novel method for estimating the size of hidden populations using respondent-driven sampling data: Case examples from Morocco,” Epidemiology, 26(6):846-852.
  • McLaughlin, K. R., Handcock, M. S., and Johnston, L. G. (2015), “Inference for the visibility distribution for respondent-driven sampling,” JSM Proceedings, Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, 2259-2267.
  • Sholtz, R. I., McLaughlin, K. R., Cirillo, P. M., Petreas, M., Park, J. S., Wolff, M. S., Factor-Litvak, P., Eskenazi, B., Krigbaum, N., and Cohn, B. A. (2011), “Assaying organochlorines in archived serum for a large, long-term cohort: Implications of combining assay results from multiple laboratories over time,” Environment International, 37(4):709-714.