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Jerri Bartholomew in the Aquatic Animal Health Lab

Jerri L. Bartholomew

Professor Emerita
Director, J.L. Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory
Department of Microbiology

Jerri L. Bartholomew

Professor Emerita
Director, J.L. Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory
Department of Microbiology


My lab researches the pathogens that affect the health of wild Pacific salmon populations, particularly myxozoan parasites. These parasites have complex life cycles, requiring both a fish and annelid host. Our research spans parasite biology, evolution and diversity and host immunity. However, of particular interest is how anthropogenic factors like human alteration of ecosystems and climate change affect disease in salmon.

A long-term project in the Klamath River integrates research and monitoring of one myxozoan, Ceratonova shasta, to develop recommendations for fishery management by providing real time data on parasite densities and their predicted effects on juvenile salmon.

Research Interests

  • Salmon Diseases
  • Myxozoan Parasites
  • Host Resistance Mechanisms
  • Parasite Evolution

No longer accepting students


Ph.D., Oregon State University

College strategic research areas

Marine Science


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